Annet Malherbe is a new secretaresserol don’t seem to Miss Jane

Annet Malherbe is playing in this series, Harkum, which is the same village, all of a sudden a sum of about 700 million left to spend, again, a woman. However, it is the role, according to her, is not to be compared with the character of Jiskefet, that they were in the nineties played.

“No, no, she doesn’t seem to miss Jane,” says Malherbe, who Harkum, the secretary of the mayor to play against Miss Jackie was in the Jiskefet-range of Debtors, Creditors, constantly being fooled by the workers in Jos, and Figures.

“This is a woman who has her very own kingdom within the firm, and is part of the furniture,” says Malherbe, about her role at Harkum. “It’s a very innocent, naive role. The good thing with this series is that it’s set in a fictional village set. So, in the world we are creating, anything can happen.”

A scene from Jiskefet series of Debts to Creditors, with Miss Jackie. (Image: YouTube/Jiskefet)

“With 700 million and I would have increased the fines to hand out to the roodrijders’

As Malherbe himself, the 700 million to spend, she would make sure that all of the inhabitants of a village there, to the full satisfaction of life.

“And what of my own wishes: it would be nice if all of the scooters that are still on the gas, drive electric”, and the 61-year-old actress continued. “And that there will be increased fines and penalties will be handed out to the people who are being a fireman. Especially the cyclists, there are a handful of of they’re the king in Amsterdam, it is sometimes very dangerous as well. I should add that I also regularly ride a bike.”

In addition to Malherbe, who, as was to be seen in the Monumental Women’s Bas Hoeflaak (Snipers) have a role to play in the series. “If I have a large amount of money would win, but it’s a home purchase,” said the 46-year-old Hoeflaak, who is the mayor of Harkum plays. “And a lot to give to a good cause.”


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“The anonymity of a big city like I do’

The self-in-Harkum would be like to live there, they don’t know as well. “I would also like to be out of town you want to live – I currently live in Amsterdam,” says Malherbe. “Preferably somewhere in the countryside, and I love it, however, in order to be able to see it when I look out of the window.”

Hoeflaak is Harkum, but it is a strange city. “Recently, I’m from Amsterdam, Cycling has moved on, but the anonymity of the big city is like, I would be just fine. In a smaller town or village that seems to be at a given time, or everyone knows each other.”

Harkum is available from Sunday the 20th of October, ten weeks is a long time to show on NPO3 from 21.45 till 22.15 hrs.

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