Annan think after the 8-0 win that hockeysters in the final to be able to do better

Alyson Annan, believes that the Dutch hockyesters to be even better than they were Friday night showing. Orange has reached an 8-0-giant triumph on the united kingdom in the final of the european CHAMPIONSHIP in Antwerp, belgium.

“This is what we can do and want to play it”, said the Australian coach, is pleased to note, compared to the NIS. “We are growing into the tournament. The latest games, we create a lot of goals, even velddoelpunten, and that’s very important.”

The orange had two draws (1-1 against Belgium and Spain) have the worst start ever to a european CHAMPIONSHIP. However, the team claim to be making soon with the monsterzeges in Russia (14-0) and the united kingdom, with a lot of players over three years ago, with Britain’s olympic champions have been.

“We have no doubt, after that tied. I have faith in our game,” said Annan was convinced. “We are growing into the tournament.”

“In the beginning we were not fully in place. You will be in shape, able to do what you’re good at,” said the head coach. “We were really, really good, but I think we have to be able to do better. On Sunday we are going to let us see it, is that it is meant to be.”

Sunday, will play the Dutch team in the final against Spain or Germany on Friday in the other semi-final to play against each other.

Van Maasakker, celebrates one of her two matches against England. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Amber spoke shortly after the two tied

The netherlands has strafcornerspecialist Caia van Maasakker, a major weapon in the house. The model of this european CHAMPIONSHIP’s top scorer with five hits.

“After these draws, we as players have for each other to sit down. We don’t have a very long talk, and it was confirmed to each other that it is, indeed,” says Van Maasakker. “You can feel it as well. In the first matches, though we’ll get through it, but the odds would not be in it.”

According to Van Maasakker kept the Orange because it’s a good game to gain confidence. “We have continued to communicate that we believe in, and today, you will see the result. It was a very, very good, but the button needs to be. Later on, we have to just have to do this again, we’ll start at 0-0”, was the top scorer in the final on Sunday.

Annan did the same. “We’re not going to celebrate. It was a good game, but the best is yet to come. We were very hungry. We want to be in the european cup final win, and an olympic-sized ticket deal with it.”

The CHAMPIONSHIP finals will begin on Sunday at 16: 00.

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