Ann Coulter reject Berkeley’s proposal for a recast of her speech


University of California, Berkeley officials said that they are a “serious concern” of violence on the campus as Ann Coulter follows through on her vow to speak next week at the university.

Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks instead with a proposal for an alternative May 2 date for the conservative author, reversing a decision of a day earlier, when officials canceled the event.

Coulter took to Twitter to refuse the offer, say they will appear next week on Thursday as originally planned.

“I speak in Berkeley on the 27th of April, when I was invited to do and a contract to do”, tweeted Coulter, who was invited to speak by the campus Republicans. In a separate tweet she said that she not free 2 May.

Coulter’s rejection as possible, sets the stage for another political brawl in Berkeley, where violent protesters forced the cancellation of a speech by former Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos in February.

Dirks told a press conference that the police “very specific intelligence about the threats that could pose a serious danger to the speaker,” its public and protesters if the event goes ahead next Thursday. He urged Coulter to speak at the later date in the place, when the university is an “appropriate, defensible place.”

The Berkeley College Republicans invited Coulter to speak on the subject of illegal immigration.

On Wednesday, UC Berkeley officials announced that they would call off the event for safety’s sake.

“We are not able to find a safe and suitable location,” the officials wrote in a letter to the campus of the Republicans on Wednesday. “Given the current active security threats, it is not possible to ensure that the event could be held successfully.”

Coulter responded Wednesday, also on Twitter, by saying that they planned to come anyway.

Campus spokesperson Dan Moguluf said Coulter’s promise “to come to the campus, come what may,” asked Dirks to the launch of an extensive search beyond the usual locations for a high-profile speakers in order to find where the officials can ensure safety.

Berkeley is the site of clashes between extreme-right and extreme-left-wing protesters, most recently at a rally last weekend called for the support of President Donald Trump, in the town of Berkeley.

Mogulof said campus police learned that a number of the groups that appeared to be responsible for the violence of last weekend and in the Yiannopoulos event “planned for the purpose of the appearance of Ann Coulter on campus.”

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