Android devices continue to be behind in security

Android devices continue to be behind in security

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Half of the smartphones with Android continues to lag behind with updates of the phones, according to research by the Consumers ‘ association.

Only 5 percent of Android devices have the most recent veiligheidsupdate of August, 11 percent have the update from July of this year. That’s according to research by the Consumers ‘ association, 182 Android phones compared.

A quarter of the devices had an update a half a year or older. Especially devices from Huawei, LG, Wiko and Alcatel are scoring poorly. Manufacturers have hardly any phones with recent updates.

Recent security updates are important, because problems with the security of the phones can be prevented. With a veiligheidsupdate be leaks in the software poem and smartphones are also often safer.

Faster update

Makers of Android devices had promised quicker updates to come. Yet still have only the Nexus and Pixel-phones of Google the latest updates. The Pixel is Google in the Netherlands is not officially sold.

Samsung, the biggest seller of Android phones in the Netherlands, the score is mixed. Especially newer smartphones have a recent veiligheidsupdate, but there are also a few models with an update of half a year or older.

Although Google regularly updates Android release, it is up to the manufacturers of the devices to which updates to the consumer. Because the devices, thereby unnecessarily vulnerable, Google began last year with the monthly release of security updates.

Summary proceedings

That updates would be relatively easy by the manufacturers spread should be, but according to the Consumer happens, therefore, that is still insufficient.

The latest Android version, 8.0, the update of devices even easier. Although that version last week appeared, most Android users are still months to wait or they will get the latest version anyway.

The Consumers ‘ association stretched in 2016 after a similar test a preliminary injunction against Samsung. The bond requires that Android devices up to four years to be supported with updates. The organization lost the interlocutory proceedings, and harnessed when proceedings on the merits. There has yet to a ruling.

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