Andrew Yang is said that the recession would be ‘good’ for his campaign

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The democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, how he plans to pay for his universal basic income plan.

The democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said on Friday during a campaign event that if the country’s economy stumbles in the coming months, “it would probably be good for my campaign.”

But the one-time White house for a long time, who rose in the last few months, clear, minutes later, in an interview with Fox News that “I would never want to, so that the economy is in a downturn, because I know that life disturbed and, in some cases, even lost, if there is an economic downturn.”


The tech entrepreneur has become a serious contender for the democratic nomination thanks to the popularity of its so-called “freedom dividend” This is Yang-the universal basic income proposal, to facilitate that every adult American $1,000 per month, the economic pain resulting from the loss of jobs through automation and artificial intelligence. He says he’ll pay for the program through the implementation of a national value-added tax.

The democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang greets spectators at a chamber of Commerce event in Portsmouth, N. H., on Sept. 27, 2019

Speaking of Friday morning, the local chamber of Commerce and industry event in New Hampshire, the state that holds the first presidential primary, Yang was asked by a viewer how a possible economic crisis or a recession, the influence that his presidential campaign would be.

Yang replied: “I think that when we have a downward trend in this next time, it would probably be good for my campaign, because I’m so focused on these issues and problems, and I think it would actually increase the attractiveness and the appetite for some of the measures that I describe.”

But a few minutes later, the candidate is Fox News and the New Hampshire said-based Seacoast Media Group that he didn’t have to go rooting for the economy of the South.

“When I was asked a question as it would be on my campaign, I think most people would agree that, when it has a downturn, the party in power or in office in General, has a harder time being re-elected. But I would never wish for,” he said.

President Trump in the past few months, it has repeated fears of a looming recession in the meadow, and he and some other Republicans accused the Democrats and the mainstream media of rooting for an economic downturn


The democratic presidential candidates usually have every appearance of cheering for a recession, which could of course damage the finances of the voters they court is avoided.

Yang, responding to a question about a possible economic downturn, pointed to the efforts of the government in the last decade to recover from last decade’s great recession “, where we prioritized the banks” and the last trump tax cuts “, where we prioritized,” large companies.

The candidate stressed that “if I were President, let’s look around and say, we want to strengthen our communities and our common people directly and that will be a way for us to come through, what are the economic tensions ahead of us.”

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