Andrew Cuomo says, ‘left-wing’ Dems pressure Pelosi warns on impeachment, it will go ‘nowhere’

nearvideo-Democrats allegedly putting Trump charges on the fast lane

According to multiple reports, the Democrats may draft of the indictment until the end of October, could, reaction, and analysis on ‘the Five.’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday said that “the left” Democrats, under pressure, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the initiation of the impeachment inquiry in President Trump, and warned that the request will finally go “nowhere.”

“I think we go now to a very long and unproductive path,” he said during a chat on the political courtesy of Seton Hall Law School with the former N. J. Gov Chris Christie, according to The New York Daily News.


“Speaker Pelosi was dealing with pressure from your group and…there is an increased Linker component of the democratic party, she said the feeling of pressure,” Cuomo. “It is a conscious, responsible person. It is not a knee-jerk person and I think that you resisted even the temptation, the pressure in your group in a more desirable way to admire for a long time.”

Pelosi announced that the request was looking for this week in the Wake of the revelations about President Trump the July-conversation with the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, in the Trump aid in the investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. In particular, Trump s asked Biden ‘ brag that he’s secured the dismissal of the Eastern European country’s top Prosecutor, the investigation of a company had, the hunters had relations.

A whistleblower complaint alleges that Trump was to help catch customers, in the 2020 election, while Democrats have claimed, the call is a quid pro quo, in the Trump requests for foreign support against their political rivals in exchange for the release of the withheld military aid. They have also alleged a “cover-up.”

“You do your quote unquote request. I think that the Ukraine issue raises a lot of questions and I think it is for a Committee of inquiry, it food is you can spend months, witness after witness, one witness after the other, on all kind of different tracks,” Cuomo said. “Where is it, ultimately? Nowhere, because even if you vote for the impeachment in the Senate, and it would not happen in the Senate.”

“So my guess is that this will continue and fits in with the campaign for the presidential elections. The problem is that nothing else is done between now and then,” he said.

FILE – In this Feb. 14, 2019, file photo, Gov. Andrew Cuomo addresses the media in New York. (AP Photo/Seth Little, file)

Cuomo’s comments underline that the distrust with which the impeachment push in a few more centrist parts of the Democratic party, who fear that the country is still not with you on the request, and it could backfire in an election year, as it eclipses other parts of the Democratic agenda.

The Daily News reported that there is a shift for Cuomo, after he said on Wednesday that “you’re damn right, it should also be an investigation.”


But a spokeswoman for Cuomo told the Daily News that the Governor on Thursday, the description was that gap in front of the trump card of the Ukraine call it, was revealed.

“Early impeachment calls from the extreme left flank, the members of the group were more aggressive, and Nancy Pelosi was a deliberative way, and the Governor agreed,” the spokeswoman said. “But that all changed after the Ukraine-revelations came to light.”

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