André van Duin suggests the body, after death, to be available to the science

Andre van Duin has decided that his body, after his death, at the disposal of the science, as Monday’s late partner, Martin Elferink too. That, says the 72-year-old comedian on Saturday, in an interview with The Telegraph.

Elferink, died after a short illness, at the age of 55, to the bone. “It is a terrible thing,” said Van Duin. “The worst thing that could happen, has happened. In a couple of months at a time.” The two had spent seventeen years in a relationship is: “Always be together, yes. We were like the butcher, and his wife, a round-the-clock with each other. We have never for one day had a fight, never.”

In may, it broke Elferink for no real reason, suddenly, to his collar bone. “There it is, it’s a start.” Examination at the hospital resulted in a serious diagnosis. “When he got home, it was Martin’s all white and completely failed. He said, ” I’ve got cancer.” I stammered, but what is this: “What then?” Where is he?’ However, as soon as the words bone had heard it, he was closed, and Martin had in the hospital and can no longer be any question.”

Elferink wanted to have his illness a secret kept from the outside world. “That’s how he wanted to be happy, yes. And I was, too. He wanted to be when he’s on the street, which meewarige looks aren’t. It would take the whole day just going to talk about that. That should do it.”

With Christmas, we were used to, our house is full, and this year was no

A difficult time ensued, and in spite of the fact that he felt it was, it was clear that, Elferink, the battle would be losing. “At Christmas, we are normally our house is filled with over-the-top, adorned with thousands and thousands of balls, with sixty or eighty men, and the kerstbingo. This year… this year we had nothing, not even kerststukje. We have been served. New year’s eve, Martin took twelve hours. Heady days, in which, however, it was clear which way it went.”

In October it was decided Elferink, that his body after his death, the disposal would have on the scientific community. “Because he’s so happy to have something good and wanted to do it for the people. He wanted to say thank you for the wonderful life he has had. My body is going to in the near future also to the scientific community show solidarity with Martin.”

In spite of the great sorrow the look Of a sand Dune is already moving forward. “I think I’ll go back to what it should be doing. What a distraction that would help. Maybe I’ll go start the Fat Voormekaar the Show. That’s just as good at home, and that’s fine, because I do feel Martin is still around me.”

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