André Kuipers wants to warn for climate change without pointing

André Kuipers wants to warn for climate change without pointing

Astronaut André Kuipers will help raise awareness of the vulnerability of the planet, without having to bother with politics, or with a finger pointing. That’s what he says against

“People like to listen to the story of an astronaut. In the exotic ruimtevaartverhaal can I have multiple messages without using a finger to point. People should make their own conclusions from the facts they see,” says Kuipers. “I try to be as neutral as possible. If you’re at a political party sits, listens more than half have not more because they are perhaps on a different party votes.”

Kuipers is concerned about the nepnieuws on social media and messages, without scientific evidence, that truth be given. “There is a nasty tendency in society to science to put down as ‘an opinion’. That’s not so; science is truth. The populists jump in on ignorance and emotions, where they have a whole bunch of them go.”

“In the past, you had education at school and that was your source of information. And also that in certain countries propaganda. But nowadays, people go to already, in a message on Twitter to circulate and believe instead of facts. It’s bizarre, and dangerous as there is still listened to,” said the astronaut.

The 58-year-old astronaut was in 2004 for the first time to the international space station (ISS). More than seven years later, he left for the second time into the space for scientific experiments to be carried out. Since he is back he keeps theatercolleges and he writes books. His children’s book, a theatre play made.


Kuipers tries by means of his children’s books, theatercolleges and his tour of schools (Techniekpact on Tour of the ministry of Economic Affairs) to make people aware of the science and the vulnerability of the planet.

“Scientists are often a bit timid or bring their story to complicated which makes people quit and unsubstantiated opinions of a good speaker for sweet cake is assumed. That makes for a wrong imaging”, says Kuipers. “The only thing I can do is counter offer. Because people are open to your story, you can also get a lot of knowledge in it to stop and let you see how things work.”

According to Kuipers, the now the good side with the green power, electric cars and solar energy. “Even large companies are going the sustainable way, because they are different also in their own fingers cut.”

But not only less carbon dioxide and pollution are important; we must, according to Kuipers also ensure that the earth is not depleted by deforestation and over-fishing. “If you are a good farmer, then you are sure that you land next year is still what pays. You commits no robbery on your country, but do we do with the earth.”

“I have the best confidence in new technologies, but until that time we need to make sure that not all ecosystems are destroyed and biodiversity is gone.”


In the theater, André the astronautje, based on the books that Kuipers wrote from the space, teach young children about science and space. Claudia de Breij made the songs for the performance. The falls Kuipers that children difficult information often quick to pick up.

“In my theatercolleges for adults, many children. Afterwards I will answer any questions and I turn off signatures, there are children of five years old. Who often have more sense than their parents, that they have persuaded to be in the middle of the week so late to the theatre.”

The astronaut would love to once again go into space, but that chance is extremely small. “Because there are not as many flights go, it would only theoretically be able to.”

“Then I can, of course, in the meantime, somewhere in an office to sit and write reports, but this I find a much nicer shape to share my experience.”

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