André Hazes think to people, not bigger than his father

André Hazes think to people, not bigger than his father

André Hazes, formerly junior or Dréetje, brings Wednesday, his third album. On a Pointer and let him hear how he is in life and what lessons he has learned.

With his 23 years he is a few years younger than when his father André Hazes senior known to the general public. “It is all a bit faster, also makes it scarier, it can be so over,” says the singer in conversation with

“I am now nine years younger than when my father and I stood. I am to this career began with the hope to be the very best. But I don’t think I’m greater with the people than my father,” said in the Cockpit. “Well can I have more albums to sell, or more rooms to fill, but what of my father in the people has loosened up, so someone will come never more.”

In October the singer two times in the Ahoy. “As a child, I came here for and that is also the reason that I for Ahoy have chosen. However, the experience is very different now. From the very first song I sat with my mother and sister in the front so the press we could see, but as soon as they had departed we went away also. Often we played then top with the security officers. That was our outing and not the concert itself.”

By his own origin as the son of a singer, would Hazes his own son, André six months old want to advise you to be very good to think about a possible music career. “I would put it in everything to support it, but I think the pressure on his shoulders very wide. Itself I had already proved themselves as the son of, but as a small André must prove as a son and grandson of then is still heavier.”


Also regarding the education of his son in relationship to the outside world Hazes conscious choices. “I put quite a lot of photos of my own child on social media. There are also plenty of well-known people who are the face of their baby mask, but I choose intentionally to get everything to show. Perks, you always have, but I would prefer that they have a picture of me, than that they are in the bushes in front of my house lie down for a photo.”

Paternity has the 23-year-old singer to say less self-centered. “When I used to go to movies watched in which people said, “Grab me, but not my child”, I understood that not so good. When little Andre was born, I knew immediately that I my life for him.” The finiteness of life, is also in the song a maybe forward.

“Normally, I would say, ‘where do you keep you doing as a 23-year-old, live with the day’. But I have done so much, that I was inside a man of forty feel. I have so many miles and that experience I speak from in my songs. I’ve especially seen how not to do it and know how it would do.”

Therefore, wrote Hazes also the song I get the most out of life. “Of course it’s different now that I have a family I have. Sometimes I see my tour manager more than my own wife and child. If I find that I have too little at home, am able to we last minute decide to five days to go on vacation. But it could also be that I, with my little family, the rest looking by just to go to the forest.”


Especially about the relationship between Hazes and his mother (Rachel) and sister (Roxeanne) the singer regularly in the media. Also his relationship with his sixteen-year-old girlfriend, Monique was criticized. “It’s about how you work with the media, but there are plenty of journalists where I no longer want to talk. It is often true that where there is smoke there is also fire. If something is written, there is often something going on, but it is regularly inflated. But they have not always been wrong.”

In many of the songs recalls the singer back on the mistakes that he in his young life has created. “The need is not necessarily about me, but now I have learned that I am only for myself but can talk. I often get asked about the opinion of another, but I can simply not respond. I’m always honest about myself and if I myself this crazy place does that make me not. I have, however, spoken the truth.”

About or Hazes in this period of political unrest and division in the society of his music thing, to get a message across to bear, he is clear: “I think my audience would say, ‘where are you in god’s name you doing!’. We all think that we can change the world with a song, but this is how it works, of course not. I can better sing about the things that I see happen, than things to which I am totally not doing that please.”

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