Andie MacDowell talks first nude scene, and #MeToo movement, says country is not progressive enough

Actress Andie MacDowell arrives at the Hollywood Film Awards in Beverly Hills, California, USA, November 6, 2016.


In a new interview, Andie MacDowell opened up about her first camera nude scene, about ageing and about how she feels working in a #MeToo driven industry.

MacDowell, her big film debut 35 years ago, spoke to Deadline about her changing Hollywood career.

“When I was in my 30s, I was choosing roles. I’m not really choosing roles any more, I’m waiting for them, but sometimes I try not to take crap. I have the crap of the past”, the actress known. “I have purchased. I daydreamed that maybe it will work when they offered me a lot of money. It never does, but you know that I wish that I was still choosing roles.”

MacDowell went on to say that, although it is nice to be in the position where you have the power to choose the good, money-making roles, now they prefer to wait for the special cases. “I know how it feels to be in that position, but that no longer happens. I’m waiting on coils, but I’m still working on it, so I’m very happy.”

And in spite of the things that is much different from the way they were when she was 30, the 59-year-old is not delayed. MacDowell currently stars in the indie drama ” Love After Love,” where she plays a woman who tries to start a new life, while dealing with the grief of the loss of her husband. The film also stars Chris O’dowd as her son.

But what is really catching the attention of people about the highly anticipated indie flick? MacDowell’s first nude scene.

“Everyone is a big deal to make,” she said, adding that the attention around the scene that she felt was a bit stupid. “I think it’s a catchy title, ‘Andie MacDowell doing first nude scene’. I think it maybe makes people read the article, but for me it means more as a kind of revealing of the soul. It is not gratuitous.”

And on the subject of how women are portrayed in Hollywood today, the actress shared her feelings about the current #MetToo movement to admit that, although she did not feel that it is going to spark immediate change, that she still supports the idea together with Time’s Up.

“It’s not going to change quickly enough for me, but I’m just thankful that this year happened. More importantly to me is the #TimesUp. I do not want to reduce #MeToo other way, but it is more than that. It is also all of these social problems,” MacDowell started. “It is also the fact that we have not yet had a woman president in this country. You have to stop and think how insane that is. We need to be progressive. We don’t do that.”

In addition to ” Love After Love,” MacDowell is starring in a Netflix comedy called ‘ The Last Laugh,” along with Richard Dreyfuss and Chevy Chase.

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