And new and Home to discuss, economic ties, during a second time

Prime minister Mark Rutte in the netherlands last Thursday, for the second time, the American president, when He met at the White House in Washington. During a brief press conference in the Oval Office, emphasized that He is the strong economic ties between the two countries.

The Us president, during the press conference, more than a million people are involved in jobs in the usa.

He said that over the last few years, with the New friends you have been hit, and that is the relationship between the two countries, never has been.

Then it came to Mean no more to offer. He answered, mostly binnenlandgerelateerde questions from the American press.

The meeting with Trump was part of a Dutch trade mission to Boston, massachusetts. Ministers in This Block of External Affairs and the prime minister, mr Bruins for the Medical Care and Sport are all here, too, traveled to the United States of america.

Collector hands over to the D-day-flag –

It was also the prime minister, on Thursday, the White House, joined by, among others, the Rotterdam-based businessman and art collector Bert Kreuk. It also had the American flag in his possession, who flew on a LCC 60), the first landing module that can transport that on the D-day landing on the beaches of Normandy landed in 1944.

With the historical “Stars and Stripes” was handed over during a special ceremony held at the commander-in-chief of the Us armed forces, president Trump. After that, the flag is on display at the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History in Washington dc.

He thanked the Netherlands and to all the people who made it possible. He said that the “great American flag”. Also, thanks to he Crease in it, especially for the preservation and safeguard of the historical heirloom of the united states.

Both the Mean as the Crease, gave a speech prior to the presentation. Both of them thanked the allied forces for their bravery. “Many of the soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom. So that we can live in peace and safety could live in it,” said Rutte.

“We are here today for the flag to return it. It shows the close relationship between the united states and the Netherlands. We have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in times of distress. 75 years ago, made the flag of Normandy-and now he’s back at home, To the land of the free and home the brave,” said the prime minister’s office.

New Syria mission to be a good

Beforehand, it was expected that He, and Mean to speak about two main topics: (a new Syria mission, and whether or not to send a frigate to the Straits of Hormuz.

During the press conference, however, is not being talked about. However, the two are still behind closed doors for further discussion.

He desires more and a greater contribution from NATO allies, including saudi arabia. The Americans would, like the Dutch ground forces are seeing in the north of the country. Ground troops can see the cabinet is not going to happen, but no decision has yet been taken about which is able to offer.

Prime minister Mark Rutte, and Us president, Donald Trump, met in the Oval Office. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Voltages are off, Iran has increased

The government has not yet commented on the Us request for an English frigate to the Straits of Hormuz to send it in. The tension is off the coast of Iran in the past few months, has increased once Home to the united states in the atoomakkoord with Iran will be stepped up.

In June, in the Gulf of Oman attack on two Japanese tankers. Mark Rutte said last Friday that he was in Iran to see if the person who caused the stress in the main strait. A possible contribution of the Netherlands to the government in the interest of the Dutch ships in the area cruising.

Mark Rutte met with Trump last year, for the first time

The prime minister met the Us president last year, for the first time in the White House. At that time, the leaders on, among other things, international trade, and is one of the most important items on the agenda.

He said at the time, referring to the conflict between the united states and the European Union on trade and tariffs, the two countries can work it out again. “And even if we don’t get out of it, then that’s a positive,” said the president.

Won stopped him and said this: “no, No, that’s not a positive thing. We have to get out of that.” That time brought to the international level.


He and the New speak to press during a meeting

The video above is concerned, the first meeting between the prime minister, Mark Rutte, and Us president, Donald Trump.

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