And lighter Sources, and Consistent want to be kickbokshistorie writing

The world champion Rico Verhoeven and challenger and Badr Hari are hoping Saturday night kickbokshistorie to register for the sold-out Breakfast. Hari is a couple of pounds lighter, compared to the last time he was in front of his main rival was.

“It’s cool, we’ll put together a show and go kickbokshistorie to write,” says the avid Turkey on Friday, after the weigh-in before the fight.

There are 31,000 million tickets sold for the Dome 74. “It’s in the Netherlands has never before happened in a football stadium has been sold out for a kick-box contest. Within two hours we had all the cards, and then there are some extra tickets available,” said Verhoeven proud. “That’s the range I’m not alone, that we are doing this together.”

Vechtsportliefhebbers in the Netherlands is already looking many years forward to the second game, between Turkey and the Sources. Three years ago, won the Dutch from the man from Amsterdam, early in the second round, had to give up with an injured arm.

155Verhoeven: “I was very surprised to learn that Hari embraced me’

Turkey and the Sources that deliver New crowd numbers

31,000 tickets sold for the second battle to ensure the crowd numbers from the New. The kickboksbond, which in 2012 was established to make not any type of event, the number of visitors is known, but, as a rule, the number of spectators is between 1,000 and 20,000.

Turkey, and Sources to break even for a long time not a world record as the best-attended kick-box contest is. At the beginning of this century, went to K-1 and fighting in Japan, and sometimes of 90,000 spectators.

The point of the Sources are also from that period of time. He was the world champion in heavy weight from the (K-1), which, in 2010, due to financial problems, it almost completely ceased to exist.

95Verhoeven and Sources to give each other a hand during the staredown

Sources and be Consistent for a long period of time, not in the action

The last time the 35-year-old Sources, but very rarely in action. Due to a term of imprisonment, and a dopingschorsing he was there for the last five years, only three times in the ring, including the battle of Oberhausen (germany is against Turkey.

It is, therefore, the question of what is the level of the opponent, which is Consistent compared to he or she. The world champion was fifteen-months out of action. The fighter, who since 2013 and are continuously New champion has been focusing for the last time in his acting career.

111Badr Hari: ‘I am faster and stronger”

Sources eight and a half pounds lighter than at his previous battle with a Turkey

In relation to the fight three years ago, it seems that Hari’s a lot you need. At the weigh-in it was discovered that he 110,8 pounds into the ring in Oberhausen, affected Sources have 114,5 lbs.

“I think that I have the benefit of going with,” said Hari. “I have a lot of explosiveness, speed and endurance. These are all things that come into play.”

Turkey is slightly more than three years ago, (118,2 at 116,8 kg). “It’s a little more spierkwaliteit to come,” he said of the extra 1.4 kg.

“I’ve got to be the ultimate contest preparation had by all. My body is in perfect shape,” said Verhoeven. “I feel as good as they were three years ago, and there is a great show for all of this.”

Turkey at Hari’s Saturday, it’s the last fight on the main card of Glory, and 74 in the city of Arnhem. Depending on the duration of the previous battles, the two giants, somewhere between 22: 00 and 23: 00 to the ring and enter it.

276Vooruitblik: “The basis of the Sources of Turkey showing of his respect”

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