Anastasia, the premiere of ” Look out for the glass of champagne after the show ended

Now, The Lion King, after three years, it is stopped, it may be Family, starting from Sunday, the venue of the circus Theatre in Scheveningen will fill. talking with Tessa Sunniva van Tol, (28), that is, in the role of creeps in the titelpersonage and Milan from Moscow (25), which is the Russian straatrat Dimitri play.

How are you feeling in the run-up to the premiere?

Van Tol: “This week, you can feel that the tension is increasing, everyone would like to do the right thing. It feels like you’re in a kind of final exams do you want to show everyone what we have done. As with the premiere, once it is over, I’m relieved to hear it and be able to we play.”

From Moscow: “I have mixed feelings. I’m looking to sneak out for a glass of champagne, everything is done. I’m more stressed and nervous than they were when I was playing in Germany. This is my first major role was in the Netherlands. There is also a room with the other CELEBRITIES who are watching me, and everyone else, of course, has expectations as I have for the role have already played.”

Where did you hear that you have had?

From the Toll booth: “It was just a few days before Christmas, so it was a very nice christmas present. It was a week or so after the last audition, and I didn’t know if I was going to hear. It was, therefore, very difficult to get your cellphone to let it go. The worst part is when you get the number to show up and you have to know that you’re a no or a yes, and told about it.”

Of Moscow, who is the male actor Dimitri has previously played in Germany and had to think for a moment when he heard that he had left. “I am also under contract in Germany and I have to make it happen. People get to me, just to know that you won’t be left behind. However, the choice was an easy one. In order to be in the Theatre with a leading role to play, it is such a great opportunity.”

How did you prepare for the role?

“That’s when the drama on stage was, I was referring to the album and listening to it, so I was already hooked on the music. In addition, I’m going to be able to learn all about the family Romanov, to find out. However, the trip to California. Petersburg, russia was one of the best preparations that I had to have it. I’ve been there, in the palace, where she, as a child, and has been, and it was so weird for me to think that the person that you are going to play there ever was.”

“The language is, however, one more thing, since I was about four years old, in foreign countries have been and all of a sudden in the Netherlands have to deal with. It requires a different technique of singing and speaking. I did, however, allow a few moments for the German, to delete the English version to get. Luckily, I got there in plenty of time for that.”

What do you look for in this role?

“I think it’s fun to see the transformation from the Human to the Family to be able to play. She starts off as a girl who has nothing of himself, and a woman who is self-found. This is a very special project. Also, I’m looking forward to wearing all the pretty dresses, which by the way is very hard. The heaviest dress I have to wear it, it is about 12 pounds, and I don’t need a work out to do.”

“In particular, the scenes with Tessa, as well as Ad Knippels, I find, is a lot of fun. The Ad is a good actor. We can be good cooperation with each other. I’m curious to see if the language and the extra depth is going to give up, now that I have it in my native tongue. The role that I play is different than in Germany. There is Achieved a more aggressive and faster, more laconic, and then. That is, in the opinion of the director, so that there is more of a challenge is in playing the game.”

Do you have a favorite scene?

“There are a lot of funny moments in it, but if I have to choose, that is, the scene with the music box, where I was talking about earlier. When all the memories come back when you open it, it dances with the full ensemble as well as people from her past to make her so good-looking.”

“I have a lot of great songs to sing with the high notes, but in the second act, there is a small, cute, solo show, in which Dmitri is willing to admit that he has feelings for a Human. It is a simple text game, it is very good to be able to sing again.”

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