An Pierlé: “I’m prefer compared with Kate Bush than Tori Amos!’

An Pierlé has a orgelplaat made, and not just a orgelplaat: for the recording of Arches she went to the Sint-Jacobskerk in her home town of Ghent in order to measure with the eighteenth-century church organ. The result is, rather surprisingly, her most poppy album to date. And sixty readers of Knack Focus should go to an exclusive showcase.

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‘There are also synths and vintage drum machine on the record, hear’, explains Pierlé. ‘And actually you have to be as a church see as the first type of synthesizer. On a piano you have except a keyboard also pedals, which give you the sound can ‘float’. But a church can’t soft play, and also chords are not evident. You must continue to push on the keys and in the meantime, another register in the draw. Literally, because often you can control those higher registers with levers. And then there are the foot pedals to tegenmelodieën to play. A church organ play you so with your whole body.’


From now on, I want to be myself only artistically fulfilling.

On Arches are keys, pedals, and levers operated by organist Karel De Wilde, who Pierlé got to know via the conservatory. Also, in synths and vocals: Loesje Mahieu of Blackie & The Oohoos and Flying Horseman, and Kaat Hellings, ‘a girl from Antwerp that stilled pianopop,” explains Pierlé. “I had a long time desire to have some girls to work, and Later, and Kaat are a very good blend.’

© Kaat Pype

Where Pierlé even more goesting in had, was ‘brash, loud and hard to sing’: ‘Herautisch, as I call it. And also high, very high, because that there was not more of. By singing in a church, you’ll be a very different kind of music. When you’re with a group, or even alone at the piano, you will become accustomed to silent, to sing, but in a church, singing on the old way. You sing naturally much louder, because there is such a huge instrument capable of blowing up in your back. Very physical, and very fun, because I love doing things with something that makes a lot of noise – and for the hipness and newness should I still not do more, I must not prove it. From now on, I want to be myself only artistically fulfilling. And so do I apparently my most poppy album to date. Oh irony!’


If everyone of Kate Bush, keeps my plate want to buy, go ahead!!!

So poppy that you are in the song, There Is No Time a hint of Bronski Beats Smalltown Boy thinks to recognize. “Oh, but of course!’ squeals Pierlé. “That we had during the filming suddenly. But there is also Eurythmics and a little bit of Portishead, I think.’ And then she has Kate Bush has not yet named, because that comparison is massive. “Me good, you know,” comes the answer, ‘because she is just incredibly good. Bush has the same agility in her voice, from very high to very low, and also the pastoral and eccentric, I think back on this plate. And in doing so, prefer comparisons with Kate Bush than Tori Amos! (laughs) Really, if everyone of Kate Bush, keeps my plate want to buy, go ahead!’

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