An obsessive fan of Miley Cyrus was arrested at a concert

As a big fan of Miley Cyrus, Saturday night, was arrested at a concert of the singer in Las Vegas. The guy is standing with her team as well-known as an obsessive fan. He was sent out via Twitter and disturbing messages, and it has been recognised for her show, reported TMZ on Tuesday.

The police were called as to the character of the pop star, of him prior to the show, the audience saw standing there. The 42-year-old man, was well-known, because he and Cyrus had previously been threatened.

In the week prior to the concert, he presented to her on Twitter want him to take it. Early the next morning, the man he is in Las Vegas, personally, was able to speak. “Soon, I will be partying with all the the famous people, but you’re the only one that matters,” he wrote. He also told me, with her, and the death of stars like Michael Jackson, Prince, and wanting to party.

The team with the lead singer saying that the man was obsessed with the idea of Cyrus being pregnant to worry. He was arrested on suspicion of being a threat, and still isn’t moving.

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