An Interview with Beau van Erven Dorens: “I am very happy that Eve, the’

Beau van Erven Dorens until Eve home cooked apple pie from the RTL to work for less than three months to make his show perfect. “Everyone will be polite, but eventually it will, of course, you just have to win.”

Van Erven Dorens is wearing a sand-colored, baggy trousers with a flared leg and a well-fitting shirt (dark blue with multi-coloured pattern with long sleeves. “It’s a bit of an act of resistance, because every day I have a pack in for the show.”

The 48-year-old tv personality was the guest of the former St. Rosaklooster in the Northern part of Amsterdam, which is under the control of the armed forces of the Salvation army, and now serves as an emergency shelter for families in need. In the Netherlands, kampen, the more than eight thousand young people in a homeless existence. The foundation for children’s welfare stamps set this up for them, and Van Erven Dorens the first postage stamp in that case.

The interview will be later, in the bedroom of a crisiswoning.

Van Erven Dorens, Here you have to be really, very pleased with it, that the people do on the street. However, it is not an area where you can do that, let alone raise a child. In this building you will have all different kinds of families that are in this kind of rooms to live in, but it is likely to be a hundred times better than where they came from. For these children, it is very traumatic. That’s really for the children on the account, they can’t do it.”

You, if you, as a well-known Dutch person would like to do to your coworkers is the same to a sufficient degree?

“Well, it does. There are so many great things to do. It is usually on the horse’s getilde, over-paid wichten, who are CELEBRITIES in a way (laughs). However, this is something that they can do about it. René Froger and Gerard Joling, and everyone is committed to something in it. I’ve been through my programs, (The Amsterdam Project and The Rotterdam Project, ed.). on the path of homelessness, and I am very happy that I have something to give back. In these programs, I have traveled all over the country. And when I come back, I often think: what am I actually doing? That the DUTCH and all the talk shows, what’s it all about? That is, it is really in perspective, as a lesson in humility. Each and every time.”

On social media, I saw how you were a homeless person something to toestopte. How often do you do such a thing, some people would start to annoy you?

“But if it has to be sincere and honest opinion. I care about these people, and I care about the issue. And I think it’s better to be able to do it with all of you. Take a look at the point that it’s embarrassing, and it is a sign of your status, derived from it, it’s on the wrong track. But to the extent that it is not possible right now.”

Last week was Eve, home cooked apple pie and her move to RTL is well-known. On the same night, you see her for the first time, in terms of viewing figures. How did you know that she was going to come from?

“I had known for a while that it was. We were, of course, been talking about it, and I’m very happy with the results that she gets. A lot of fun. It was a woman from whom I can learn a lot and be a great companion to help out there.”

What would you consider to be the ideal distribution?

“We’re still not quite over it. But if I make it to the Christmas team, we will keep on working and I hope that we’re just going to take their turns. I can see it a little bit for me like the Others and a home cooked apple pie that have always made. I’m going to just assume that things are going well, then it goes to Eve for a few months and then I be back in a few months.”

Are you going to be the same program, present it, or do you both do your own thing?

“Also, I’m not sure. But we are both different people. I am the sort of person who does a little bit of want to move in. I’m just a little bit different then Eve, and that is, I think, would be nice.”


Beau van Erven Dorens: “When I was Christmas-ed it, then I switch off with a home cooked apple pie’

This week has been a photographer Geert’s Brothers for you to be our guest. He is suffering from cancer, and to document the illness by the means of a photography project. A heartbreaking situation that you are in a twelve-minute exposure. How do you do it?

“The item that you prepare in advance is good, it will get you in the conversation. The best conversations arise, however, if you do all of that changed. In this case, it was all the man said, gripping, and fascinating. He developed his photos in his own urine, and these chemicals, because of the chemotherapy he is undergoing. Have you ever seen such a thing heard of? What I like about my program is that I can, on the one hand a social-oriented issues can be discussed and, on the other hand, personalinterestverhalen to make this possible. But, not all the items on the hard news, such as the Marengo-making process. I love this combination. All of this needs to be a bit of a inslijten, we are trying every day to be better, to do it. Yesterday, I felt that it was not going too well. That was quite a show, which is on a Wednesday, it would be able to make it. As it was Monday and the day to come. There was very little news in it.”

Do you think it is important to ensure that the programme is a light-hearted event ends?

“We are also involved in the play. So far, I think it’s the best, but it also might be that you have to be with someone like Nienke Moor begins, and it is the whole broadcast, let it sit. It really is a piece of clay that you constantly try to mould it in your favor each and every day a little bit better. And the more I told myself, ‘ stay, the better it will be.”

And you will enjoy it in the process, the advantage is that you will have a gunfactor to you.

“It, make no mistake, you’ll be in a little bit. That gunfactor you get to a certain point, because there are things that people will like it and a lot of people have a look at it. Sometimes it fails to be something, and some of it is good. Luckily for me, the last few years has gone well. If I just mess it would make, as I have in the past sometimes have done so, but you don’t have any gunfactor. The first thing that everyone will go on doing good and what else you can do with your kakkerhoofd. You can have a little give, but in the end you have nothing. Even my own mother, the woman who gave me the most grateful of all the world, it’s not going to look as if they don’t like it at all. It should work just fine, or are you going to grant it or not.”

In a conversation, in which the flame around in a circle, jumps is still missing.

“In the interview with Thierry Baudet, and Theo Hiddema, threw a smoke-screen in which I can just not go through it came. Then, you will see that I have a little bit of a lack of experience in life. I was well prepared for it, but it was very difficult to get through the cut. Since I’m teaching again. I found it to be a conversation with the minister of Finance (Wopke Hoekstra is a lot of fun. We have come to know him better, and he wanted to really get involved. I had a great time. So there are good things in it, but sometimes it was more in the background. As it is, every show.”

It is on an equal footing with the comparison, but the situation seems to be a bit of a rush in a football team that is suddenly one of the other striker to put it on.

“The battle is also between Eva and Jeroen Pauw. Everyone will be polite, but eventually it will, of course, you just have to win. Jeroen and Eva were very well balanced, it went bad. In the us, that remains to be seen. The RTL has, in the late evening for a long time is not a lot of performance. It feels as if a new foundation needs to resign and take care of someone who is, this is actually the first time in this way. In a setting in which no one knows. It’s a very risky project.”

Home cooked apple pie often is the man or woman of the day. Your guests will take a particularly personal story. If you want to be in the long run, more on the news down, you can then, of course, to make a change?

“That’s kind of annoying. See, early in the morning, everyone begins all to the draw. Everyone is calling for the guests of the Eva, and she will call back as our guest. Contact the Marengo process, for example, then you have all these lawyers and misdaadverslaggevers have. You can only hope that they will be for you to choose from. This is a battle we often lose. Eve, at an average of around 900,000 and an average of around 400,000. That makes a difference, of course, the best you can.”

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