An international arrest warrant for the Catalan, the ex-prime minister Puigdemont

The supreme court has only a few hours after the announced [jurist report] for Catalonia politicians on an international arrest warrant was issued for the refugees in Catalan, the ex-prime minister Carles Puigdemont, who is currently in exile, living in Brussels, belgium. In Catalonia, it went straight after the judgment of the court of justice of thousands of people take to the streets.

Puigdemont, fled immediately after the referendum in Catalonia, and to other countries. From france he condemned the decision of the court of justice, which, according to him, an “abomination” is.

The former prime minister hopes that the EU will take action, however, the European Commission has already stated that the decision of the court to “fully respect”.

Demonstrations in the past against the ruling, the court

Thousands of protesters occupy major streets in Barcelona such as the Ramblas, Avenida Diagonal, Gran Via and the Via Laietana which runs across the centre of the city meet. Also, it would be in the North of Spain, the province of some of the highways are blocked, writes the news agency Reuters.

The protesters were also of the roads leading to the airport are blocked, and trying to be the airport to understand. They are, to date, been held back by the police.

Elsewhere in the world, there are demonstrations to be announced. So, for example, in England, at 19: 00 hours (local time), is demonstrated by the Spanish embassy in London, and at St Peter’s Square, Manchester, united kingdom.

The organisation Catalan National Assembly (ANC), it would also have operations set up in Mexico, France, germany, Belgium, france, Germany, and the United States of america.

Politicians have been prosecuted for sedition, rebellion, and abuse of public funds

Nine Catalan politicians on Monday by the Spanish supreme court convicted and sentenced to prison sentences of up to 13 years of age, for all around the illegal referendum in 2017. The Spanish constitutional court had not approved it for the ballot, as afscheidingspogingen in the country is prohibited by law.

The Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, will ask the Catalans ‘respect’ for the results, and it is of the opinion that a “new era” from the start, that the tyres could be repaired.

Prior to the decision of the court of justice was, on the strategic points in the past for more police to be deployed, including the centrally located train station at the airport, in the city centre and the port of Tarragona. At the international airport, there was an encounter between the heavily-armed policemen and the protesters.

One protester was by heavily-armed agents, brought in from the international airport of Barcelona (Picture: Getty Images)

“We have come back stronger’

Several convicted politicians were shortly after the verdict, said via Twitter. As an Activist Jordi Sànchez to thank his supporters and let them know that the institution is not going to change because of the nine years in prison. The Ex-vice president, Oriol Junqueras, who is 13 years of imprisonment, the heaviest penalty was given, it says that the politicians are “getting stronger and stronger” will return.

The Catalan prime minister of quimper and lor Torra gave up only a few hours after the sentencing in a press conference along with his entire government. Therein, he asked the politicians to be released from prison because of the organisation of a referendum, is not a crime”.

The Catalan prime minister of quimper and lor Torra in his speech. (Photo: Reuters)

FC Barcelona joins the back of the freedom-deprived people

Football club FC Barcelona has responded rejecting the condemnation and the call is “not the solution”. The Catalonia-based team has let us know the family members of the freedom-deprived people, to support it.

During football games at the Camp Nou, the stadium of FC Barcelona and its stadium to play in, there were regular signs that Libertat Presos Politicos (“Let the prisoners free”) is to be read down. FC Barcelona’s hope is that the politicians of both sides to each other at the table.

The power of Spanish football, would be a possible Catalan independence, right out of the Primera División to be set according to the president of the Spanish prof league, Javier Tebas. The basis of the club around the onafhankelijkheidskwestie came to FC Barcelona was a lot of criticism, too.

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