An eventful mediajaar: Verlinde to SBS and The Lion to RTL

2018 is a year in which many of the presenters switched to another broadcaster. Among others, Albert Verlinde, Gerard Ekdom and Paul de Leeuw found the past year a new employer. put all mediatransfers of 2018 in a row.
From public to commercial

Paul de Leeuw

Paul de Leeuw has since 1990 worked in the VARA (later BNNVARA), where he made his debut with the program, The Scream of the Lion. In June he makes known to migrate to RTL. “I find it very scary,” says the presenter at RTL Late Night about his transition. “There are more people left. What I find important: you need acidification to prevent yourself. I got so much energy for new things.” The presenter goes on the transmitter sit in the jury of Holland’s Got Talent and will from april the personalityshow The Number 1 Show, a program about people who ever find number one, or somewhere number one in the world.

The Lion signs his contract with RTL.

Gerard Ekdom

After twenty years in the public radio world to have worked – he was seventeen to belong to NPO 3FM and another three years at NPO Radio 2 – Gerard Ekdom in april make the transition to Radio 10. He says himself in addition to his work as a presenter also want to develop as an entrepreneur. In public broadcasting would be that the area is less opportunities. “I look forward to a morning program on Radio 10, the transmitter has to grow still further. In addition, I get to Talpa Network the opportunity to use my creativity in other productions to bring to life.” Since August presents will Lock the program Lock in the Morning.

Katja Schuurman

In may draws Katja Schuurman a contract with RTL, after having worked for four years for KRO-NCRV. For the NPO made the host of programs like Katya’s Bodyscan, Memories and 3 on a Trip. In addition, it was the actress to see in series such as North-South, Schaep Ahoy and she had the starring role in Flight HS13. Schuurman is also developing programs for the tv channels RTL, as well as for Videoland.

Domien Verschuuren

Like fellow Ekdom displaced Domien Verschuuren in 2018, the public service broadcaster for the commercial. In June he announced a program to start making on Qmusic. He was since 2006 in the service of the NPO. October 1, he makes his first middagshow on the commercial channel. “I really to this moment is awaited”, he said in his first broadcast. “I have twelve years on a different drive radio, and was at that time, ever jealous of the other side. The grass is always greener on a other side, but in my case it was the grass red. I had a time to Qmusic.”

Twan Huys

One of the most mediatransfers in 2018 is that of Twan Huys. At the end of February is known that Humberto Tan stops as the host of RTL Late Night, and that Huys its successor, which simultaneously announced that the Nieuwsuur-presenter switch over to the commercial broadcaster. After the summer break is Huys for the first time as host of the talk show, but the ratings were disappointing, and the presenter gets a lot of critics.

Michiel Veenstra

Following In the footsteps of Verschuuren also gets Michiel Veenstra over to the commercial broadcaster, after thirteen years for the audiences to have worked. “After thirteen years 3FM awaits a wonderful new adventure to me where I very much feel like,” said Veenstra. He is referring to his new role as program director at the new station, KINK. “Everything you are going to hear, is my responsibility. At the radio station, I go the ochtendshow take care of, furthermore I am the contact person for the podcast, voices on the transmitter and hear the playlist.” KINK, that until the end of 2011 was, as of February 2019 new lease of life.

Vivienne van den Assem

The presenter in June known to stop at WNL if face of good Morning in the Netherlands. She makes the transition to RTL, where they are now one of the regular presenters of RTL Boulevard. It is not yet known which programs Vivienne van den Assem is still more present.

Jan Versteegh

After five years of working for BNNVARA makes Jan Versteegh at the beginning of september known by 2019 enter the service in Talpa. The presenter will studioshows present for the transmitters of the broadcaster and, with Verlinde and a daily entertainment programme.

From commercial to public

Rick van de Westelaken

The presenter still works two years at SBS, as he announces the return to the public broadcaster. Of the Westelaken presents there since may, the daily news and current affairs programme EenVandaag, and is the beginning of 2019 to be seen as the successor of Art Rooijakkers in Wie is de Mol?. The presenter was for a longer time AVROTROS in conversation about a possible switch. “This kind of thing does not happen from one day to the other, so I was already approached by AVROTROS to come and talk about programs, EenVandaag in particular. So I was already with them chatting, and then it turned out that it looked like that the Art would leave.”

Of commercial and commercial

Johnny de Mol

Since 2013 works Johnny de Mol RTL, but in march the presenter is known to return to SBS. The Mols switch to the tv business from his father also means the comeback of the program, Where is the Mol?, from 2008 to 2013 was to be seen at Veronica and SBS6. “I have very fine years at RTL 4 behind the back, and I am grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given,” says The Mole, who with RTL under more Holland’s Got Talent, and Johnny Into The Wild presented.


Gordon draws in July a five-year contract with Talpa Network. The two will co-operation of different multimedia formats to develop. The debut of Gordon SBS6 is scheduled for January 2019. The presenter was sixteen years old and working at RTL, in which he, inter alia, the program’s Screaming to go home, Gordon & Joling over the Floor and his own trouwshow Gordon Is getting Married… But With Whom? made.

Albert Verlinde

The former RTL Boulevard-expert in september announced a contract to have signed to Talpa, where he was sure two years will stay on as a presenter. Albert Verlinde will get together with Jan Versteegh, a daily entertainment programme on SBS6. His work as director of Stage Entertainment is a new job not in danger, sets Verlinde in the AD. “I’m busier, but I already know how it feels to see those two activities combined. That hectic is good again. In addition, I have all the detectives on tv now be seen, though.”


Albert Verlinde and Jan Versteegh on the new program

Shelley Strong

As of February get the presenter of RTL to SBS and join Boulevard, in for News. “After a great time at RTL, I look forward to this new adventure! I find it crazy that I SBS6 get the chance to, among other News and Marketplace to present,” says Shelley Strong.

Presenters Football Inside

Football Inside a team makes at the end of march announced that Wilfred Genee, Johan Derksen and René van der Jibe after the summer switch over to Veronica. From August 10 was the first episode of Veronica Inside to see. The presentatiedrietal did not have to think long about making the move. “The negotiations with John about our move to Talpa were within twenty minutes and settled,” says Genee in conversation with the newspaper de Volkskrant. The openingsaflevering pulled 674.000 viewers, a similar number with the kijkersaantal of Football Inside.

Lodewijk Hoekstra

The former Private Home and Garden-presenter moves from RTL to SBS, because he has the feeling that he is in the RTL too little space got. On SBS presents Lodewijk Hoekstra now The Big Tuinverbouwing. “The green sector is not always green, I am a man with a mission, you know”, let the tuindeskundige in July know “Because I at RTL nothing to do with the mission could do, I stopped. I am, therefore, very glad I joined SBS, however, that recognition.”

Hélène Hendriks

In June it became known that Hélène Hendriks in Talpa TV a new employer had found. When Veronica presents the sportpresentatrice alternately with Genee’s broadcasts of the Champions League on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hendriks was personally approached by John de Mol, owner of Talpa TV.

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