‘An aphrodisiac food only works by placebo effect’

‘An aphrodisiac food only works by placebo effect’

Chocolate, oysters and figs would be a an aphrodisiac effect. For Valentine’s day, it is tempting to these products on the table, but according to the experts working in the food only by a placebo effect.

“Fairy tales,” says Patricia Schutte of the Nutrition centre, in conversation with “Research institute EFSA evaluates such claims on scientific basis and pointing them piece for piece.”

According to Schutte, nobody wonders to expect from such foods.

Dr. Michael Krychman from the university of California and Elizabeth West of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health, who did research into the means of which it is claimed that they have a stimulating effect, set the effect between our ears.

It may be that when we eat something that we think the drive for sex increases, we are already more in the mood. Krychman speaks in this case of the placebo effect: a positive effect when administering a non-active substance. “The placebo effect is a very strong effect, as the power of our brain.”


In some resources, are particles of dust that such a force can have, provided you have a huge (often impossible) to quantity of intake. So it contains cocoa alkaloids, which have a stimulating, relaxing and euphoric effect. You would, however, several kilos of chocolate to eat to be effective to be able to feel.

According to the researchers, the greater chance that you will “overdose” too sick and too full to move, then that you are very excited.

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