Amtrak is trying to revive the Gulf Coast in line for more than ten years post-Katrina

to connectVideoAmtrak the recovery of the Gulf Coast rail line after more than a decade

After more than a decade after the gulf coast was able to show that the performance of the regional Amtrak service between New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama. Local officials are hoping that the northern part of the Gulf, and the line will boost tourism numbers in the areas where the majority of the and visit need to take.

GULFPORT, Miss. In spite of a decline in ridership, Amtrak is actively working to revive the north Shore of the Gulf, and the train between New Orleans and Mobile, Ala. It would prove to be a real benefit to the region, but there are plenty of hurdles to overcome before it will be.

Amtrak’s initiative, recently received $33 million in grant money from the federal Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and the Improvement of the Safety program in order to help cover about half the cost of a $65 million regional Gulf Coast line, which would run through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Amtrak service between New Orleans and Mobile is non-existent for at least 14 years of age in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, has destroyed the infrastructure that is needed in order to have such a great line-up-and-running.

“At Amtrak, we believe in services like this, what will be the future of passenger rail service, it looks like a safe, relevant, and reliable, and the connection of major markets such as New Orleans and Mobile,” Amtrak Vice President Joe McHugh said in a statement provided to Fox News. “Amtrak has a grant request because we believe that this is a project that makes sense for the Gulf Coast region.”

But critics say the project is a waste of money in a region that does not often make use of public transport.

A map of all the stops that Amtrak’s Gulf Coast, the line should be. Local officials are hoping the rail line will help in the Coast of the Gulf of the city and take advantage of New Orlean’s tourism industry. (Fox News)

The Southern Rail Commission, a 21 member of the board of directors, which advocates for passenger rail service, and is committed to the funding for each of the three states in question, as applied to the allocation of funds for the project. The SOURCE said that the rest of the funding would come from Amtrak, the states that are involved in the project, and the private sector.

Louisiana had pledged $10 million to fund its share of the project in New Orleans, louisiana.


The Mississippi, which would be the majority of the bus stops along the route, it was announced that it would commit nearly $16 million from the Mississippi Department of Transportation to assist with the funding of the ” regional line, with links to where in Bay St Louis, Gulfport, Biloxi, and Pascagoula.

In the mean time, Alabama has not committed its share of the approximately $3 million related to the financing of its portion of the line that would allow for Amtrak service to terminate in the port of Mobile.

Knox Ross is the Vice-Chairman of the Southern Rail Commission, said the regional Amtrak service, it would allow cities and towns along the route, in order to take advantage of the tourism industry in New Orleans, and is currently taking advantage of it.

“Mobile is the Wave of cities that are not really benefiting from the tourism boom,” New Orleans,” Ross explained. “There are 750,000 foreign tourists visit New Orleans each year, and almost none of them are going to be somewhere else, where they would have to do if they had the chance to do so.”

The idea of such a line, it is intriguing to see New Orleans native, Steve Hebert, who told me that he and his wife are constantly on the look out for opportunities to make day trips to places along the Coast of the Gulf without having to pass through the busy highways such as I-10, which is connected to Louisiana and the Mississippi river.

“There are always delays and back-ups,” mr. Hebert said that when he was talking about some of the challenges faced by the movement, during the drive to the Coast of the Gulf, and destinations. “This can be done as a day trip or an overnight trip. I couldn’t do it. Perhaps a gamble, going out to eat, and enjoy the festivities on the shore, and walk back to the house. To be very sure of that.”


Gulfport resident, Charlie Kirk, and said that he would prefer to drive, so that the regional train would be unlikely to serve a purpose for him and his wife.

“The last time I was on a train that was in 1971, is based in Stuttgart, Germany and Paris, France,,” Kirk called out, as if he was in a very quiet street in the heart of Gulfport. “When I’m on a plane or on a train, someone else is in control, and I like to be in control of everything that I can remember.”

The economic impact of the New Orleans, Mobile, the line could be significant. According to a study conducted by the University of Southern Mississippi, tourism and so on, can only attract from anywhere between 1,600 and 16,000 jobs annually to the region’s — and the production of as much as $1 billion in economic activity.

Amtrak’s Gulf Coast, the suburban rail network, it would work on the 136 miles of track owned by CSX. The two are working together to see how they could co-exist on the same track. (Fox News/Charles Watson ()

In spite of the advantages, the service is a gamble, and for Amtrak, which has seen ridership is consistently depressed in other areas of each and every Gulf Coast state. According to the data, Amtrak has lost by a combined 70,000 customers in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama in 2012.

Jim Mathews, chief executive officer and chairman of the rail passengers Association, said that the department along the Coast of the Gulf of need, and that people are looking for.

“We have to get off on the idea that Amtrak has to make a profit. It doesn’t have to in order to make a profit,” Mathews said. “Amtrak is not a profit-making entity. It is a government-backed company is financed with the taxpayers ‘ dollars to go on a mission of mobility in the country as a whole.”


Amtrak has not nailed down an exact date as to when it would begin serving customers along the Gulf Coast, but it can’t go on without having to deal with the freight train operator CSX, which owns the 136-kilometer railway track to the Amtrak would have to operate.

CSX serves roughly 250 clients in the region, it runs about 20 trains run through to the Coast of the Gulf each and every day.

The four passengers in the trains of Amtrak’s plans to carry out could be to bring CSX and in-person activities along the way. The two sides are to talk to, and have agreed to allow a third party to come in and conduct a study.

In a statement, CSX said: “it was a meeting with the pool and fitness center as well as looking at the potential impact on their work.

“This assessment will help to determine the potential impact of such a service, including the possible impact on Alabama, and Mississippi, the companies that rely on freight trains on the line, along with the infrastructure that is necessary for the creation of a safe, reliable passenger service,” that statement said. “CSX is committed to the collection of this is the fact on the basis of the information that we see as a critical first step in a project such as this.”

It’s often said that the service will be a positive one.

“It would probably be good for the economy and the community,” Kirk said, before he drove his SUV.

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