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January is the most popular time to meet singles, according to Tinder. And a new year means a lot of new dating trends to be wary before jumping back on the market.

There is no such thing as a cheap date in New York City.

The average cost of taking a special someone out of the Big Apple is $155.78 — the highest of any other city in the country, according to a new analysis of tuxedo rental site of the Black Tuxedo.

“Dating definitely comes with a hefty price tag in this city,” says Soho resident Eric Lee, 24, who goes on three dates per month and estimates that he spends $100 and $150 per time.

The typical new YORK-date-night tab rings up to a full $ 10 higher than the next most expensive city, San Francisco, and about $14 more than the Bay Area city of San Jose.

The Black Tux calculated that the average cost of transportation, dinner, tip, tickets for the film and a post-date nightcap in the top 50 cities in the US. The typical new YORK-date-night tab rings up to a full $ 10 higher than the next most expensive city, San Francisco, and about $14 more than the Bay Area city of San Jose.


“Maybe you have to spend thousands of dollars [data],” says Lee with a laugh. “If that’s true, maybe that is the reason why I’m single!”

For the boys on the lurk, such as Jack M. Freedman, are the costs so high that he changed his whole game. He prefers to be potential friends for daytime eating or the coffee instead of the shell for dinner.


“For me, it’s coffee and cake on the first date — I could spend $10,” says the 37-year-old poet and founder of a publishing start-up on Staten Island.

Freedman adds that if the partner seems like a good fit from the beginning, he can spring for dinner. Otherwise, I can’t picture shoveling out on the first date.”

Daniel Greenberg, 21, says cutting back can be hard to do in New York City, where the expectation for many women is to be “treated nicely.”


“Especially on those first dates, no matter how much a girl likes you, you just can’t be cheap,” said Greenberg, a Williamsburg resident who works in digital marketing company MSCHF and says that his data can be up to $380.


But dating expert Maria Avgitidis says that there are plenty of ways to date in the city, without coming across as greedy: “just Think of the dates that are activity based, instead of a dinner – and wine-based”, says Avgitidis, CEO of Agape Match, a Midtown matchmaking service.

She suggests off-the-wall ideas, such as a tourist for a day and rude the check of the Statue of Liberty, or doing karaoke. (She loves the country night at Hill Country Barbecue Market.)

Also is it OK to cut the date short if things are not going well, and save yourself the money, Avgitidis says.

“Tell your date, ‘Let’s take a walk on the Highline, and if you have a good time, pop in the Whitney,” Avgitidis says. “If you’re not having a good time, say that you have something else you need to get started.”

Then again, you would have to go pretty far if you want to spend less: The cheapest city for a date, the analysis found, is Oklahoma City ($87.85).


“I would much rather live in New York City and pay more for data than live in somewhere like Oklahoma,” Greenberg says.

But take courage: It is not always about who is most often on the data. Although the single ladies such as RT, Zhang, 26, is increasingly splitting the bill when going out, the cost of the excursion is not relevant as the date itself sucks.

“I focus on the person and the quality of the call, regardless of whether or not the about coffee, windows or Per Se,” says the Soho digital marketing manager. “If someone tries to impress me with a fancy dinner, it changes for me.”

This story was previously published in the New York Post.

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