Amnesty international: the Heads of Iraqi people are being pierced with tear gas grenades

At least five of the protesters in Iraq are to have the life that their skulls were pierced by the teargas canisters, reports by Amnesty International, on Thursday. In the continuing protests against the government, there are more than 250 people for the life to come.

The human rights organisation inform, based on your own research. To do this, they will have medical documents to be viewed and experts will be spoken. Also, there is a movie to be analyzed.

In the video, which Amnesty International online, found it, had five men, to be seen, which is a severe head trauma were caused by stun grenades.

The riot police in the capital, Baghdad, would be the two kinds of tear gas grenades have been committed that have not been in Iraq, it has been used. These missiles since the 25th of October and even killing in some cases.

Amnesty International has interviewed and also nine in a straight line. These were, among others, activists and medical volunteers. The eye-witnesses tell how they saw that people were hit by an attack with a grenade.

Listen, there are videos out there of these horrific injuries, at the moment of impact. Do yourself a favor and don’t watch them and your sleep will thank you. The CT scans from hospital, the afterward are bad enough, as you can see.

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People carry out ever since the beginning of October, the action

As a part of the Iraqi population, has since the beginning of this month, and to take action against corruption, unemployment and lack of basic services. The government announced on the 6th of October, after days of protests and a transformation plan to. It was quiet, but in the last laaiden last week again.

Critics believe that the measures, including a cut in salaries for government employees, is to let it out. Especially in Iraq, large demonstrations are held. The U.s. army decided on Monday due to the ongoing unrest in the small hours of the night, a curfew is set. This is the case that “until further notice”.


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