Amnesty international strongly condemns ‘excessive force’ by the Spanish agents in the past

Human rights organisation Amnesty International for the “excessive violence” by the Spanish agents, from and against protesters during the peaceful protests in Catalonia, and sentenced by the court. The agents would, among other things, at a very short distance, with rubber bullets on demonstrators have taken to the weight to be driven.

A person thus got blind in one eye, while a man had to have surgery due to a bullet wound to his testicles, and conducted by the organization.

Amnesty international denounced the “unacceptable” use of batons. The agents would go to people who have already beaten it. Often it is directed at the head or the upper body, according to Amnesty international.

Also, a Spanish journalist and of the media as El País have been arrested when he was in the operations of Friday in Barcelona, at the foot followed suit.


Police to seize hard, not to the new Catalan protest in Barcelona

Behavior of agents working counter-to counter tensions’

According to the human rights organization is working with the behaviour of the Spanish police force is counter productive when trying to get the tension in the streets, and to reduce it. The director, Marie Struthers, of Amnesty International’s Europe, emphasizes that every human being has the right to “peaceful protest”.

As far as is known, are nearly four hundred people have been treated by the emergency services. Some 139 of these would be security staff, according to the Spanish health authorities. Reports about arrest can vary. Reportedly, going to be the dozens to over a hundred demonstrators.

The Catalan president wants to dialogue with the government of Spain

The Catalan president of quimper and lor Torra wants to be in discussions with the Spanish government for the riots, in Catalonia, in a peaceful manner, he said Saturday at a news conference. At the same press conference, he condemned the used of the violence of the cops and the protesters.

“Violence has never been our starting point. In a dialogue, it is necessary to use this crisis to end,” said Torra.

A spokesman for the Spanish government, which has threatened the trigger section 155, writing in The Guardian on Saturday. In this way, the Spanish government, the regional government take over. The same thing happened in 2017, after the riots around the onafhankelijkheidsreferendum.

The Catalan president of quimper and lor Torra. (Photo: Reuters)

Protests have cost city the city of Barcelona for 2 million euros

Barcelona were on Friday, for the fifth consecutive day, with the backdrop of the protests against the conviction of nine of the Catalan political leaders. They are all around the it is illegal, said a referendum in 2017 and sentenced to prison sentences of up to thirteen years of age.

In the last few days of the protests during the day, largely without violence. The atmosphere, however, it seems from the very beginning of the evening’s more to it. The Spanish police is then obliged to make charges, to be implemented by a smaller group of protesters, who have them, throw rocks and beer cans.

Ongoing vandalism would be in the city of Barcelona to more than 2 million euros, have been reported to the local council on Saturday. This is mainly due to the fire vuilniscontainers.

The protest on Friday is going to be possible in the books as the biggest rally in the area all the time. According to the Spanish police, there were 525.000 men in Barcelona, the organizers are speaking, however, of the more than 750,000 people.

That would be enough to make the next record, after the referendum in Catalonia, in 2017, to be broken.

The protestors had on Monday, following the ruling of the Spanish court, against the politicians of the world, gone from all parts of the North of Spain, in the province. On Friday, they came together in Barcelona for a general strike.


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