Amnesty international accuses Tunisia of violating human rights

Amnesty international accuses Tunisia of violating human rights

Photo: Amnesty International

Tunisian security forces violate human rights in their fight against terrorism. That says Amnesty International in a Monday report published.

The police and antiterreurbrigades have over the past two years, increasingly made use of unwarranted repressive techniques such as torture and the arbitrary conduct of arrests and searches.

The torture includes beating with sticks, the infliction of electric shocks on genitals and refrain from sleep.

Amnesty argues in the report that these practices are the road to democracy for Tunisia threatens. At the end of 2010 began the so-called Arab Spring in Tunisia.

Arab spring

Massive demonstrations took when dictator Zine el Abidine Ben Ali’s fall. This was followed by also protests in other Arab countries. Tunisia was the only country where a democracy was introduced.

Democracy, however, has come under pressure after four deadly attacks by muslim extremists in 2015 and 2016, which many foreign tourists were killed.

Additional powers

The police have more powers and more than two thousand suspects were the last year and a half have been arrested. Also, thousands of Tunisians, a travel ban is imposed.

Tunisia suggests in a comment that there are sometimes excesses take place, but only say that there is a systematic torture by security forces. The country has a monitoring committee made up in the living called to the excesses.

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