Americans are threatening with military intervention after rakettest North Korea

Americans are threatening with military intervention after rakettest North Korea

The United States Wednesday in the Security council of the United Nations, with military intervention as a threat towards North Korea. This responds to the country on the rakettest of North Korea earlier this week.

The American UN ambassador Nikki Haley has said military forces will not use like that. “But we prefer not to go into that direction”, let them know.

America is going in the coming days to discuss new sanctions against North Korea, announced they. She threatened that the US may trade will cease with countries that do business with North Korea.

The Chinese UN-ambassauder Liu Jieyi called the action of the Koreans a “violation” of the UN resolutions and “unacceptable”, but asked the Americans to no missile defence system in South Korea. Earlier in the meeting came to Russia with the same request.

The Security council came Wednesday in spoedzitting together as a result of the rakettest of last Tuesday.

‘Long-range missile North Korea may eventually be possible for America to achieve’


North Korea said Tuesday that for the first time a successful test was held of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that “a large, heavy warhead can bear”. That is an important milestone for the North Korean missile.

The exact capabilities of the missile are still unknown. Some analysts spoke of the suspicion that the projectile a range of more than eight thousand kilometers. Other experts of shorter distances.

The American minister of Foreign Affairs, Rex Tillerson, called the rocket launch a “new escalation of the threat to America”.

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