American vruchtbaarheidsarts let series children behind

American vruchtbaarheidsarts let series children behind

Donald L. Cline is now 77 and since seven years retired. In the seventies and eighties, he was active as vruchtbaarheidsarts in a special clinic. Now seems to share the seventy people of the same genetic background as his.

The case came, according to the Indianapolis Star to light because recently no less than eight women find out that they are sisters of each other. Their mothers were used to all at doctor Cline along.

The doctor denied at a hearing Monday in Marion in the state of Indiana that he the mothers of the eight women was pregnant. But in the meantime, the tests showed that Donald Cline, the father of all these women.

How remarkably also, the vruchtbaarheidsarts of the time can not be prosecuted for the use of his own semen, because the law does not prohibit.

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