American stars reminisce about independence day

American stars reminisce about independence day

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The United States celebrate on Tuesday their independence. Many Americans have free and also the stars are for the traditional barbecues and fireworks shows in different American cities.

Many celebrities have beautiful or funny memories of the national holiday. Daily News collected a few.

Comedian and Brooklyn Nine Nine actor Andy Samberg says that he was a time, nearly deaf, hit by an exploding firecracker. “I tried the firecracker and throw it away but he popped right next to my ear. My ear chirped a week long and I was afraid that I damage it had incurred,” says Samberg.

Comedian Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) celebrated her most memorable independence day not in the USA, but in Ireland, where she as a student lived during an exchange program.”I spent 4 July in Dublin, had to be very very drunk to explain what we were celebrating and did it very badly.”


Actor John Leguizamo (Miami Vice, Carlito’s Way), which in Colombia was born, know the celebration of 200 years of independence in New York in 1976, still good for the spirit. “That was great man. New Yorkers from all walks of life came together in Central Park. That was real unity and inclusiveness, a beautiful time. Something we have now needed again in America,” says the actor.

Americans celebrate on Tuesday their day of independence, since the U.S. on July 4, 1776 independence declared from Great Britain. Traditionally, going to Americans on this day barbecue or picnic and play baseball with each other. in the Evening organize many towns have a firework display.

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