American hiv epidemic started much earlier than it was assumed

American hiv epidemic started much earlier than it was assumed

A new study confirms the theory that the global hiv and aids epidemic originated in New York during the seventies. The virus had been active before the disease for the first in the eighties it was discovered in the American city.

Researchers used genetic analyses of frozen samples from patients from the time that hiv and aids are not yet recognized could be.

To various American media tells a researcher from the university of Arizona, Michael Worobey why the virus in New York is so fast it could spread. “The virus ended up in a section of the population where it is rapidly transferred could be, therefore, a lot of people were in a fast-paced infected, meaning that for the first time the attention of the world was.”

Research indicates that hiv at the beginning of the twentieth century, from monkeys to people is transmitted in Africa. Then would the of the Caribbean ended up in New York. Then would the virus in 1976 in San Francisco on a large scale have broken out. Then came the virus ended up in Europe, Asia and Australia.

‘Patient zero’

The research debunks the theory that the virus is spread by the French Canadian husband, Gaétan Dugas. As the so-called ‘patient zero’, he was designated to be responsible for the American aids epidemic. According to the researchers had Dugas a viral strain in his blood that has already circulated in New York before he hangouts for homosexuals visited.

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