American ex-vice president Joe Biden announces presidential campaign to

The former Us vice-president Joe Biden wants to be in 2020 participate in the U.s. presidential election. The candidacy of Biden was months expected. He is currently the favorite on the Democratic side.

Despite the lack of an official announcement, it was Biden all months were included in the populariteitspeilingen for Democrats that the nomination of their party want to acquire.

The Democratic partijprominent and political veteran, who made popular as vice president under Barack Obama, has in the most recent polls a substantial lead on the number two, Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.

In a party in which the progressive, left wing since the beginning of the presidency of Donald Trump getting louder to hear, Biden as a centrist that a broad group of voters may appeal to you.


Joe Biden announces with a video message, joy to

Political veteran speaks broad kiezersgroep to

Biden is considered a big potential threat for Trump. He has moderate views in the field of wapenwetten and abortion, and is especially popular with white, less-educated voters – a demographic pond where president Trump in fishes. Biden has a great reputation.

In polls that a final race between Biden and Trump as a starting point, is a Democrat, a 10 percentage point for.

According to political connoisseurs there are also disadvantages to the candidacy of Biden. The Democrat in 2020 78 years. If he wins, he would be the oldest winner of the U.s. presidential elections are being inaugurated.

The fact that he is a white old man from the established order of the Democratic y, which arouses the fear that he is little jack will find at the new progressive movement within the party.

Biden commits gaffes and ‘aanrakerig’

Also Biden is known as a man who regularly blunders commits by his statements. Also he recently discredited, because different women accuse him of inappropriate behavior.

As said partijgenote Lucy Flores that Biden in 2014 at her hair smelled and her unsolicited kiss on her head. She felt herself uncomfortable, says Flores, who is the former vice president, however, is not accused of sexual harassment.

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