American court rejects request Hawaii to easing re-entry ban

American court rejects request Hawaii to easing re-entry ban

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The U.s. court of appeals Friday to the request of the state of Hawaii to the re-entry ban to ease rejected.

Hawaii made shortly before the entry into force of the re-entry ban announced that a lawsuit had been filed against the government over a part of the ban.

The state wanted to include an exemption for grandparents and cousins of the inhabitants, that the ban not be seen as immediate family. The ministry limited “family” to parents, life partners, children, adult (step)sons or daughters, sons-in-law or daughters (step)brothers or sisters.

Hawaii procedeerde previously been successful against a different version of the ban.

Supreme court

The Us supreme court, given at the end of June that a part of the proposed re-entry ban of Donald Trump, yet temporarily imported may be. Earlier layers of lower courts across, but the court ruled that the entry on the main issues still to be carried out. The American authorities did clearly on “professional manner” will do.

The measures should relate only to “foreign citizens who are not bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.”

The court, in October bend, or the re-entry ban for people from six islamic countries is lawful. Until that time should Trump parts of his proposed re-entry ban to enter.

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