AMC developing ‘sleuth,’ which lung disease detects

AMC developing ‘sleuth,’ which lung disease detects

The Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam has an electronic ‘nose’ that can sniff or and what for lung disease a person has. The so-called SpiroNose notice that the substances in the exhaled air.

The detective seems to be a result of many people with lung complaints, according to the AMC tricky to get the right diagnosis, so the correct treatment, it is often too late to start.

According to a spokesperson sets the nose in nine of the ten cases, the correct diagnosis. The device can further to lung cancer patients can predict or so-called immunotherapy kicks in.

“For a lot of new and expensive drugs is no test to determine which means by which patient starts. The treatment is a time-consuming and costly search,” said technical medical Rianne de Vries, research leader in the AMC. “The SpiroNose can bring about change.”

It is expected that the nose in the future, to the doctor, to the breath of patients can go snooping.

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