Ambassador to USA: the united states is also responsible for the situation in Syria

The government authorities are partly responsible for the current situation in the north-east of Syria, in the opinion of Pete Hoekstra. The U.s. ambassador to the Netherlands, says it’s ‘Nieuwsuur’ tv programme Friday evening that the Netherlands will have a knock-on effect caused by the area to the left.

Hoekstra accuses European countries, including the uk, have decided that the work had been done, and that their level of participation over time.” He explains that both the United States and European countries are responsible for the chaotic situation.

The Turkish military last week, on Wednesday, engaged in an offensive in the north-east of Syria. As a result, they are at the border, hundreds of deaths and up to 200,000 people and the flight of the shot. The Americans announced Thursday evening to a temporary cease-fire to be agreed upon with Turkey.

The Dutch F-16 fighter jets flew in from the beginning to the end of 2018, with more than a thousand missions over Iraq and Eastern Syria. About 2,100 times, were to take up arms against the Islamic State (IS) is used. The mission was stopped because the Defense units will be available to for a variety of rapidly deployable forces to NATO.

Hoekstra believes that the Dutch people had left because they were no longer a threat is seen, ” he says in Nieuwsuur. “But as soon as the United States of america to do something that our European allies have already done, it is suddenly America’s fault that things are happening in the Middle East.”


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