Amazon, Starbucks, the promise of money to repeal Seattle-the head-tax

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Seattle businesses push back against new tax

Amazon is bluntly States, it is now your growth in Seattle are wondering after the city Council passes a ‘head tax’ to the city says, will help curb the homelessness problem.

SEATTLE – Amazon, Starbucks, Vulcan and other companies have committed a total of more than $350,000 in the direction of an effort to repeal Seattle passed a new tax on large employers to combat homelessness.

Only a few days after the Seattle city Council approved the levy announced No tax On jobs campaign, a coalition of businesses, it will gather signatures would be to have a referendum on the November-to repeal the ballot.

Amazon, Starbucks, Vulcan, Kroger and Albertsons each promised $25 ‘ 000 for the efforts of the last week, according to a report filed by the campaign. The Washington Food Industry Association pledged of $30,000.

To collect Referendum backers 17,632 have signatures of registered Seattle voters by June 14, the measure on the ballot.

To calculate the so-called head tax, at least $20 million in gross sales of about $275 per full-time employee per year. The tax would begin in 2019 and to build the increase of $48 million per year, affordable housing and emergency homeless services.

Opponents say that the Seattle measure, a tax on jobs, and the question of whether city officials to spend existing resources effectively.

Workers and Church groups and others praised the tax as a step toward building much-needed, affordable housing in a wealthy town, where the income gap is getting wider, and lower income workers price.

The clash over who should pay to solve the city’s housing crisis, exacerbated by Seattle’s rapid economic growth featured weeks of tense exchanges, noisy meetings, and a threat by Amazon, the city’s largest employer, to stop construction, which is planning a 17-storey building in the vicinity of his home town headquarters.

Amazon has re-created the design of the buildings in the city centre, but the company is still “concerned about the future, by the Council said the enemy’s approach and rhetoric against larger companies, which forces us to question our growth here,” Drew Herdener, Amazon’s vice president for global corporate and operations communication.

Four councilmembers initially an annual tax outsourced $ 500 per full-time staff on a compromise proposal to cut the tax rate, they could not muster the six votes needed to override a potential veto from mayor Jenny Durkan.

The mayor, under the head-tax, signed on may 16, says: “we urgently need to progress on our affordability and homelessness crisis.”

Seattle’s action came as cities in the San Francisco area industry consider to help tax issues offset by the growth of tech companies.

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