Amazon patenteert flying distribution center for drones

Amazon patenteert flying distribution center for drones

Photo: Amazon

Webwinkelgigant Amazon has a patent received on flying distribution centers, which could be used for delivery of packets with drones to facilitate this.

The relevant patent, that on Twitter was spread by an analyst of CB Insights, shows that Amazon are warehouse under a zeppelin would want to hang out.

The floating distribution centres would then not be used for all deliveries, but can be used if a certain location is much demand for a particular product is expected.

As an example, calls Amazon a football game, where much of the demand for certain food products and clothing with the logos of the respective teams. Through the zeppelin could also be advertised to the fans in the stadium.

Image from Amazon’s patent


In the patent says Amazon a special shuttle, in fact a small zeppelin, to want to use it for stuff and bezorgdrones to the distribution center to deliver. The drones themselves are only responsible for the delivery to the customer.

Amazon has not yet responded to the discovery of the patent. The application seems to be at least far away. Recently demonstrated by Amazon in a video already how bezorgdrones from ‘normal’ distribution centres can fly.

The webstore works for several years bezorgdrones, but it is not yet known when the first customers will be countries.

So Amazon packages delivered with drones

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