Amazon is launching a new in-store pick-up option, with Rite Aid as the first partner

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FILE PHOTO: The logo of Amazon is seen at the company’s distribution centre in Boves, France, on May 13, 2019 at the latest. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol/File Photo

On Thursday, Amazon added yet another alternative for customers in the u.s.: a Walk to a nearby store and pick up an Amazon package across the counter.

The new feature, called a Counter, starting with a pharmacy-Rite Aid Corp. (a). the provision of the service, more than 100 shops, with an increase to 1,500 stores by year’s end, the companies said. Amazon is also looking at other retailers, including small businesses, to join the program as it expands.

The new feature builds on Amazon’s, earlier efforts to use the lockers in stores for customers to be able to pick up the packages. Patrick Supanc, world director of the Amazon Hub, told Reuters that the locker has been distributed to thousands of stores, but some retailers don’t have the space for a locker.

“In general, we would like to give each and every Amazon customer is given the option of an alternative place of delivery,” Supanc says. “This is going to be a big network of contacts.”

Amazon said the service has no extra cost, and you will be working with the existing shipping options, including same-day service. When a packet arrives at a store, the customer will be notified via e-mail. Once you are in the store, the customer is an employee of a bar code, and the employee scans it, finds it, and hands it over.

The service was initially launched in the United Kingdom, and Italy, and retailers in the FOLLOWING, Giunti Al Punto Librerie, Fermopoint and SisalPay. Amazon’s Supanc, would not comment on the financial details of the deals or the Amazon, it is paid by the retailers to be part of it.

Supanc said, in the beginning of the data for the European launch, has indicated that it is “very clear evidence” that the increased foot-traffic from Amazon customers will come in to partner stores, increasing the sales over there.

“They are being introduced to Amazon’s customers and Amazon customers will get to know about the store. That is, additional website visitors to their retail stores translates into increased sales for the partners,” he said.

In a statement, Jocelyn Konrad, executive vide-president, pharmacy and retail operations at Rite Aid, said the program, along with Amazon’s, safety deposit boxes at the Rite Aid stores, to create a stronger in-store experience for both existing customers and new customers that come to pick up their parcels.”

Supanc said that the two companies were “not in the sharing of retail data with one another,” and that the effort is focused on the delivery of the experience, and it is not connected with any of Amazon’s other efforts to get at the pharmacy in the retail sector, such as the purchase of the startup PillPack in the previous year.

Report by Stephen Nellis in San Francisco; Editing by Cynthia Osterman

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