Amazon Alexa supersedes spoken responses with a beep

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Ask Alexa to do something that results in a vocal response (unless she lost her voice), but that is not always really necessary, and Amazon is experimenting with the replacing of Alexa’s voice with other sounds to bring on a reaction.

As The Verge reports, the changes in Alexa’s behavior was first discussed on Reddit. A user explained that, after asking Alexa to the light, she gave the usual “OK” response, but went on to say, it would be the last time that they would do that. In the future, a beep sound comes in the place of the “OK”button.

It is this switch to non-speech responses that Amazon call Short Mode. Apparently, it’s all a roll-out Alexa devices and will appear in the settings menu of the Alexa app. On the basis of the Reddit user, the experience, it seems as if Short Mode is enabled by default, so it is up to the user to disable it if they prefer voice all the time.

Beeps can’t replace all the responses, but a simple confirmation of a command is received will probably make a beep in the Short Mode. I would also hope Amazon expands the options you can choose from a variety of beep sounds to act as confirmation.

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If it proves successful, the Short Position could easily expand to multiple beep responses on the basis of context. It can also set a limit on how often Alexa smiles at you.

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