Amazingly well preserved 500-year-old, Columbus-era wreck, revealed: “It’s almost as if it sank yesterday”

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Marine archaeologists have used underwater drones, in order to reveal the remains of an incredibly well-preserved, 500-year-old shipwreck in the Baltic states.

Dating back to the late 15th century or early 16th century, the mystery of the ship was first spotted by a Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA), in the year 2009. Earlier this year, a more detailed analysis of the wreckage was conducted by the marine survey specialists with MT, who had been surprised by the extent of the treatment.

“This vessel is contemporary with the time of Christopher Columbus and Leonardo Leonardo Leonardo Leonardo Leonardo da da da da da Vinci Vinci Vinci Vinci Vinci, but it is a testament to the remarkable level of preservation, after five hundred years at the bottom of the sea, by the cold, brackish waters of the Baltic sea,” said Dr. Rodrigo Pacheco-Ruiz, a marine archaeologist at the MMT, in a statement. “It’s almost as if it sank yesterday, towers are in place and the hull is intact. On the main deck, it is a very rare find, the tender boat is used to ferry crew to and from the ship, leaning against the main mast. It is an awe-inspiring sight.”


Pacheco-Ruiz, who is also a visiting professor at the University of Southampton in the united kingdom, told Fox News that the ship had been found off the coast of Sweden. The researchers, however, are not at liberty to give the ship’s exact location.

A photogrammetric model of the bow of the ship with the anchor still in place.
(Deep Sea Productions/MMT)

As it is, the ship provided, however, that some of the rigging is still in place, and with a wooden capstan and a bilge pump are also visible. Swivel cannons are still in place on the ship’s gun deck.

However, the ship is shrouded in mystery. In contrast to the relatively well-documented that larger and more powerful vessels, which are involved in a war in Scandinavia, which is the span from 1563 to 1570, there is very little known about the ship found off the Swedish coast.


“This is a very unique find,” Pacheco-Ruiz told Fox News by e-mail. “The more you know about the ship, it will only come with further study, we plan to go back and look at the behavior from the scientific study of the hull remains to this day, it is more accurate.”

A photogrammetric model of the stern of the ship.
(Deep Sea Productions/MMT)

Pacheco-Ruiz, pointed out that the project is fulfilling an important role as a training ground for the future of maritime archaeology.

Students at the uk’s University of Southampton have taken part in the analysis of the wreckage, together with students from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, which has been developed in the AI technology for underwater drones.


MMT, documentary film-maker, Deep Sea Productions, the University of Southampton and Sodertorn University college in Sweden have been involved in research for more than 10 years, according to Pacheco-Ruiz.

The underwater drone, a Surveyor, an Interceptor is to be deployed.
(Deep Sea Productions/MMT)

Oher wrecks, also to reveal their secrets. Last year, for example, is the remains of a 12th-century Viking-style ship discovered in a German port, and reveal its secrets, thanks to the high-tech 3D scanning technology.


The students of the University of Southampton and KTH school of architecture in Stockholm, and took part in the expedition on board the Stril Explorer.
(Deep Sea Productions/MMT)

An international team of researchers, including experts from the University of Southampton and the MMT, it has also been discovered, more than 65 shipwrecks in the Black Sea, many of which date back to ancient times.

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