‘Alzheimer’s disease-drug cavities in molars can fix it”

‘Alzheimer’s disease-drug cavities in molars can fix it”

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Researchers think evidence that a medication that is normally prescribed to Alzheimer, the growth of teeth and promote deep holes in choose can repair.

According to a study, published in Nature, of King’s College London stimulates the drug Tideglusib the stem cells in the soft part inside the tooth, making new dentine, or dentin, is created.

Teeth can all new, the dentine may be created when the inside is exposed to an infection, but that is naturally a thin layer of that deep holes can not prevent.

According to the researchers, is the drug Tideglusib able to an enzyme called GSK-3, so the dentin is created. During the investigation, it was a small sponge that is soaked with the medicine in a select with a hole is placed. Because the dentin on this way got the chance to grow, could choose within six weeks to recover, according to researchers.

The special biodegradable sponge is made of collagen and melt itself, so that there is nothing in the mouth remains.

Natural treatment

Professor Paul Sharpe, lead researcher and working at the Dental Institute of King’s College London, says that by the simplicity of the procedure, the drug is an “ideal product for a natural treatment of deep-holes”. Tideglusib in him for protection of the inner layer of the tooth, while the bone recovers.

“Also, it is an advantage to a drug that already has been tested during clinical trails for Alzheimer’s disease,” says Sharpe. “Therefore, it is possible to use these dental treatment quickly in the tandartsklinieken to offer”, says the researcher.


Now dentists still manually fills of calcium and silicone based products to deep cavities in molars to treat, and gaps in teeth to fill. This cement often remains in the tooth to sit, and does not dissolve, so that the normal mineral levels of the tooth never can be restored. With the new technique would be the need for fillings, which often in the course of time need to be replaced decrease.

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