Alternatives to Traditional Liposuction

Alternatives to Traditional Liposuction

Still have that spot of fat you just can’t get rid of even after months of working on your physical fitness? Liposuction is a popular option for many people with the same problem. Liposuction is not the same invasive and painful procedure it was during the early days of cosmetic surgery.

Liposuction procedures today are far less invasive, drastically safer and much more effective. There are new and alternative liposuction procedures to choose from as well. Procedures such as laser liposuction or “smart lipo” and water assisted liposuction are alternatives that offer similar results with decreased side effects.

What Liposuction Used to Be

Suction-assisted liposuction is widely accepted as the standard method of liposuction used today. Gaining increased popularity during the early 1980’s, this method of liposuction consists of the cannula, a small metal, straw like tube that is attached to a vacuum. The cannula is then inserted into the target fat zone of the body, the surgeon carefully maneuvers it back and forth breaking up the fat and sucking it out of the body. Some of the side effects of this method include bruising, swelling, scars, and numbness.

Over the last 30 years, improvements and innovations have been made to the standard method to help reduce side effects, risk and potential blood loss.

Laser Liposuction or “Smart Lipo”

In 2006, the FDA approved the first laser assisted liposuction procedure, also known as Smart Lipo. This evolution to the liposuction procedure used a laser to break up and remove fat cells from the target area within the body. A few of the initial benefits of this evolution are the use of a smaller cannula, meaning the procedure is less invasive. Thanks to the laser assistance, the fat cells are broken down into smaller more manageable portions. This new procedure also saw a decrease in side effects with patients experiencing less bruising, bleeding and swelling.

Water Assisted Liposuction

Another alternative to traditional liposuction is water assisted liposuction. Instead of using the assistance of a laser that has the potential to leave burns, this method uses a fan-shaped water beam to loosen the fat tissue. With a skillfully guided specialized cannula, the surgeon has the ability to remove fat easier while being less invasive. The saline fluids used in the process reduce the need for force in using the cannula, making the process more gentle and patient-friendly. The obvious benefits of the water assisted method include reduced bleeding during the procedure and less bruising and a shorter recovery time after the procedure.

What was once considered a painful procedure that required long periods for time for recovery is rapidly evolving into less invasive, more patient-friendly methods. These new methods have opened the possibility of liposuction to more and more candidates. Finally being able to get rid of that one troublesome spot of fat will not only benefit you physically but psychologically as well. When considering which method might be right for you, be sure to visit a cosmetic surgeon with experience in all methods.

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