Alternatives for sausage and hamburger on the grill

A nice, clean and groentespies are quite good but also quite standard. What are some good, simple alternatives for the grill? do not hesitate to ask for the barbecue expert, Dennis van Koutrik, well-known from the blog, the BBQ and the author of a new book, the fire, the one in charge.
Alternatives to the burger and 1. Steak

“Grilled slices of steak on the grill. That is, within the next ten minutes, until tender. You can do it a lot without the carbon. It is a good idea to have a piece of bbq, no coals so that the meat is there and you can thread it or put down if it’s too hard.”

2. A large piece of meat

“That is nice, and you have a large piece of meat roasting. Much easier than the dozens of loose hamburgers, and sausages. For example, a rib or a whole chicken. Cook the meat in the area without the coals, or else it’s just too hard. And in doing so they are nice and the inside is cooked.”

3. Salmon is a rookplankje

“You can be in today’s world. rookplankjes of the set to buy. Put it on the grill, this time over the coals, and cover it with a piece of salmon on it. In about twenty minutes, the salmon is cooked through. The wood burns at the bottom, and it’s going to smoke, that is.”

The cedar plank makes for a smoky flavor. (Source: BBQ area, EN)

Alternatives to the groentespies 1. Whole roasted fava beans

“It is very simple: pour a little oil over beans to go, and lay it for ten minutes on the grill, over the coals. Just waiting for them to vaalgroen, and the black dots to get it. Spice them with salt, dill, and garlic powder. Now you will have something like edamame, and the Asian green beans, which you get from the peel to the inside, however. But in the broad bean it is better to take them out to get out the door.”

2. Roasted radishes

“Fancy radishes for twenty minutes directly over the fire. It is a very sweet and nutty from it. Yummy honey over it. If your schedule is too coarse, or your radishes are too small, you can put them in the grill in a grill pan with holes to roast them.”

3. All the leeks, spring onions, red onions or sweet potato

“It might be weird, but you can use a whole leek, spring onion, red onion, or sweet potato, in between the coals for them, a pitch black to. Turn it from time to time and check with a knife or the vegetables are ready, usually after twenty minutes or so. Then peel the black layer off and you are left with a very sweet, leeks, or other vegetables over it. The leek is a very romescosaus as well as the sweet potato with a yoghurtsausje, or pesto sauce.”

The broad beans have been in for ten minutes on the grill. (Source: BBQ area, EN)

The alternatives for the potato salad 1. Cut the cabbage

“Cut the chinese cabbage or green cabbage is fine too. Make a dressing of mayonnaise, vinegar, sugar, and optionally, tabasco, and pour over it. You can also use some grated carrot through it to do that.”

2. Hasselbackaardappel

“Choose waxy potatoes and slice them thinly so that they are just not to be. You have to put them between two wooden spoons to. To make an herb butter with butter, garlic, and Parmesan cheese. Place the sweet potatoes on a piece of no-coal and re-grease to get it in with the rice. After an hour, you’ve got a baked potato out on the chips it looks like, from the inside, popped in.”

You can have a fresh salad of mixed lettuce with cabbage. (Source: BBQ area, EN)

Alternatives to an ice-cream cone 1. Grilled nectarine with vanillemascarpone

“Cutting a nectarine in half and remove the pit and out of it. Moisten with a little oil, sunflower oil, and grill them until they are tender. Serve with vanillemascarpone. Those who love cooking there is also a Jack Daniel’s caramel sauce more.”

2. Sweet quesadillas

“Grease is a tortilla with peanut butter and place sliced banana and marshmallows in. Or grease it with chocolate spread and spread it nuts on. Then fold it in half, and grill on both sides for about three minutes, or until they are full. When the fire is all gone out.”

Sweet things to. (Source: BBQ area, EN)


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