Altcoins: Ahead of the monitor, XRP cryptocurrency gains foothold in the market

LONDON (Reuters) – Facebook’s Scale can be used to grab all of the headlines at the moment, but it is a major cryptocurrency already exists, and that it had a foothold in the mainstream market.

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XRP, the world’s third largest cryptocurrency by market value, aims to succeed where bitcoin and other digital currencies have been largely unsuccessful: in the us quickly and at a low cost in the operations.

In a rare example of a cryptocurrency, finding a practical use, beyond a speculative trade, that is, they have gained a certain amount of traction, with a number of large financial firms that make use of XRP, for cross-border payments.

However, the price of XRP, is often referred to as a Ripple, has declined by a quarter so far this year, even if a single bitcoin has more than doubled, and the smaller coins such as ethereum, have made a slim profit.

XRP is the price for performance is at odds with the assumptions that there is a positive correlation between the real-world use, and the price of the cryptocurrencies. The fact that bitcoin is the largest digital currency is, by far, has picked up an even larger share of the market, and this year, it is a sign that traders are seeking to take advantage of the volatile price moves will continue to be the industry’s main driving force.

To keep track of the attendance of hundreds of smaller rivals to bitcoin, collectively known as “altcoins”, Reuters, is a look at the players as they grab the attention of investors, corporations, and agencies.

The third installment in the Reuters series on the altcoins look at the prospects and challenges for the XRP.


The seven-year-old and XRP is one of the most successful examples of this, so far from seeking to build cryptocurrencies is that of integration into mainstream finance, and commerce.

It has been developed by the California-based tech company is Ripple, which is a blockchain-based payments platform. XRP is intended to serve as a bridge for cross-border payments for companies that utilize Ripple, and it can also be used for e-commerce and peer-to-peer file transfer.

The coin was designed in order to help these companies, from payment providers to transfer the companies, settle trades, directly, to pay to lower costs and free up capital that is usually tied up in payments, the use of traditional money.

With the traditional transfers, businesses typically use the working capital to maintain the balances in their settlement accounts, and the safeguarding of liquidity, when the currency is converted into another. That helps to receive the funds quickly.

Ripple says that customers can use XRP instead of the traditional money in relation to liquidity, allowing companies to free up working capital.

It says you pay with XRP and settle in for four seconds, compared to over an hour for the bitcoin, and the three-to-five days for the conventional systems used for the approval of money.

“That’s actually a lot less exposure and risk,” says Monica, a Long, a senior vice president of marketing and communications, and the Gather.


XRP, like Facebook’s proposed Scale, from somewhere in the vicinity of the ethos of bitcoin, the initial cryptocurrency, which focuses on the work of the financial establishment, by the issue of a central authority.

With a team of developers to Ripple in the maintenance of the XRP ledger for the software, and stewarding the technologies. That is, basically, what this means is that companies will be better able to cope with the XRP over bitcoin, who have been largely unsupervised and the rules and regulations.

The way that XRP is produced is different as well.

While bitcoin “miners” compete against each other with the aid of powerful computers to solve algorithms, as well as earn a new currency, XRP) the entire provision of € 100 billion was made at its birth.

Age has a large reserve of XRP in the escrow account, the sale of the tokens on to the big investors to boost liquidity and broaden the dissemination of the technology. This means that the company has a centralized control over the supply of XRP.

(PICTURE: A tale of two currencies: XRP, and bitcoin in 2019 at the latest – here.)


While there are a number of similarities between the Scale and the XRP, significant differences also exist.

The two of coins is aimed to address the issues in the payments industry, with high, intermediate payments to the long transfer time. However, the Scale of the target varies with the Facebook said that it will offer to those who open a bank account in order to make a transfer. XRP, in contrast, is focused on the traditional financial institutions.

And while the XRP value fluctuates, and Balance is not: it is not a “stablecoin”, which is backed by traditional assets such as bank deposits and short-term government securities and is designed to dampen the volatility.

However, the Libra, which was faced with fierce opposition from politicians and regulators to be able to have an effect on the XRP’s prospects, not least because of Facebook’s large, 2.4 billion users of the offer of currency from an existing customer base.


For the most part, the subject of the FX business.

Ripple says as a dozen or so companies have to use XRP to cash flow.

One of the most famous of which is the AMERICAN credit transfer company MoneyGram International (MGI.D) in that a Ripple of investment of $30 million in the month of June.

The london-based Mercury FX, which is important for small businesses and high-net-worth individuals as clients, uses the XRP to facilitate payments to and from countries such as Mexico and the Philippines.

“The top three reasons as to why you would want to use would have to be speed, cost, safety and security,” said Alastair Constance, founder. “Your promptness to take care of a payment that is higher, and your costs will come down dramatically.”


XRP decreases by about 25% this year, compared with close to 115% of profit for a single bitcoin. To be sure, the other altcoins will have no equal bitcoin s before. Other major companies such as ethereum, the second largest market by value for the price of one currency is multiplied by the number of coins in the market and stayed above water this year.

The slide has come in spite of XRP from strength to strength to win in the global payments business, which involves a bit of a fee, including a map, to get to the wiring of the money overseas, according to consulting firm Accenture, worth roughly $1.5 trillion this year.

Encryption players in the market are saying that the Ripple voltage on the sale of XRP all the way up to the pressure on the prices of inputs in a burst of XRP to the payment of the advances.

The ripple has XRP in the escrow accounts, and to sell directly to the market and to boost liquidity. He said in a July report that the XRP markets are similar to the traditional foreign exchange markets, which tend to be very liquid and efficient.

“Ripple requirements on the token if it is to promote the expenses, and the use of such a system,” says Denis I, head of research at BeQuant, is a computer exchange in London.

“It’s a necessary evil. It hurts the price in the short term, but in the long-term use of it will eventually go up.”

Ripple’s Monica Long, a little concerned with the price movement.

“We have to think about the XRP price, and its volatility over a longer arc of time, it is not a day-to-day or week-to-week, but over the course of the year,” she said.

“What we’re focused on what we believe is the building of a greater stability in assets, is the profit and cash flow.”


Well, yes and no.

Unlike with other cryptocurrencies, XRP is very liquid and is therefore particularly attractive for high-frequency traders, hedge funds and other investors who want to trade in the short term, the price moves in the digital currency market.

FILE PHOTO, the Shadow of a 3D-printed Facebook Scale cryptocurrency’s logo is seen at the close of the cryptocurrency presence in this picture, the 13th of September 2019. REUTERS/dado Ruvic/File Photo

Still, a number of players in the market, ” said the heavy supply of XRP in the market, the prices will go down, and it wasn’t very popular, and long-term investors.

“The volume and volatility of trading to perspective a variety of chance, it is a great addition to the computerized trading world,” said Cameron Dickie, head of EMEA sales at crypto as a market maker B2C2. “But it’s not so good for people looking to buy and hold.”

(This story was refiled to change the headline)

Report by Tom Wilson; Editing by Pravin Char

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