Also, the British government is considering the full cancellation

Throughout the world are becoming more and more sporting events are cancelled, postponed, or finished without the public, because of the corona virus. In this liveblog, we will keep you up to date on all the latest developments.These are the most important sporting events, where a line is to be taken due to the corona virus.Corona virus · 31 minutes ago –View: These are sporting events in the country, not doorCoronavirus-four hours ago, theIrish league is shut down
In the United Kingdom, the decision must still be taken, but the Irish football association, explains that the Premier Division is still. Also, all of the lower levels, at least until the 29th of march no longer play football. For now, we can we not marvel at Shamrock Rovers-Finn Harps or Cork City-Bohemians.Corona virus-four hours ago, theworld cup indoor in China for the year deferred
The world indooratletiek has been postponed for a year. We’re playing in the Chinese people’s square, this would be the year from the 13th to the 15th of march, but due to the corona virus is moved to the 19th to 21st of march 2021.Corona virus-four hours ago, theUk government will consider all of the sporting events will be cancelled
Following In the footsteps of a number of European countries are now considering the Uk government is to have all of the sporting events in the Uk will be cancelled. According to the BBC, there is today an urgent consultations by the Uk government, although it is unlikely that the measure could be a direct effect. I, among others, the sixth matchday of the Premier League Darts in Liverpool on the program, although this was still just being played in the Premier League.Corona virus-four hours ago, theeuropean cup of judo is postponed to mid-June
The european CHAMPIONSHIP in judo in Prague, has been moved to the 19th to the 21st of June. The tournament is at the beginning of the month of may, the European judobond decides to use the event to set up, due to the corona virus. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, the athletes are still the important points for the olympic ranking.Corona virus-four hours agoMAR water polo is postponed, JUN swim is cancelled
It’s an olympic qualifier (MAR) for water polo has been moved to 31 may to 7 June. The tournament would be from the 22nd to the 29th of march in Rotterdam and will be held, but it may be due to the corona virus do not go on. The OCT swim from 9 to 12 april in Eindhoven, going all the way through.Corona virus · 2 hours agoWHO kwalificatieduel handbalsters be deleted
The EUROPEAN kwalificatieduel of the Dutch handbalsters to Spain has been cancelled due to the corona virus. That game was the 27th of march at the programme Table.Corona virus · 2 hours ago aMonth with no matches in the MLS
Frank de Boer is temporarily out of action with Atlanta in the United. The MLS’s decision to the competition, in any event, for as long as thirty days to shut down due to the corona virus.Corona virus · 2 hours ago there areis Also The of Lyon has been cancelled
Following In the footsteps of Manchester City and Real Madrid in the uefa Champions League match between Juventus-Olympique Lyon are coming on Tuesday, as expected, failed to materialise. The players of the Italian football club to be in quarantine, because The defender Daniele Rugani is positive, it is tested for the corona virus.Corona virus · 2 hours ago there isno hockey, and volleyball this month
Also, as the national ice hockey and volleybalcompetities are tentative still. The Dutch hockey association (knhb) and in the Netherlands, knzb, decide all of the games up to and including the 31st of march, to remove, due to the corona virus.Corona virus · 2 hours agouefa Champions League,-year-old City-Real to be postponed
The line between Manchester City and Real Madrid in the eighth finals of the Champions League final is next Tuesday, not. The players of the Spanish football club should be about fifteen days in quarantine, as a member of the basketball team, of, Real, positive, it is tested for the corona virus.Corona virus · 2 hours ago, theBOARD confirms the cancellations amateur
Just like the professional football games are going to all of the novelty competitions this month, and not, as confirmed by the Dutch fa (KNVB). “We advise all enthusiasts to have no training sessions, friendly matches, or other large meetings,” says the director of the amateur: Jan Dirk van der Zee. “We hope to have your understanding for this difficult decision, and with the co-operation of all clubs to get together in the competitions, up until the end. In the coming years, we are going to think about it is a good solution for the us amateur.”Corona virus · 3 hours ago there areAlso Gabbiadini will test positive for
After the Juventus defender Daniele Rugani testing Sampdoria attacker Manolo Gabbiadini positive for the corona virus. “He’s having a bit of a fever, but other than that things are going well with him, and let Sampdoria know that. “We have to have all of the legal quarantaineprocedures be put into action.”Corona virus · 3 hours ago there areis Also a Round of the Catalan delayed
In the Tour of Catalonia this month due to the corona virus. The Spanish cycling race was the 23rd to the 29th of march, at the programme, the Catalan government concludes that the route to an as-yet-unknown date. This means that Tom Dumoulin returns to the squad again later.Corona virus · 3 hours ago there areis A list of sports events in the Netherlands, which is due to the corona virus and this month, unable to continue:

  • Matchday 27 and 28 of the Premier league
  • Turn 30, 31 and 32, and the Kitchen is Champion in a Division
  • National football team of the Netherlands and the US, and the Netherlands, and Spain
  • Two of the speelrondes the Premier League Darts in Rotterdam
  • The Tour of Drenthe, men and vrouwenkoers)
  • The Olympia’s Tour (mannenkoers)
  • Indoor Brabant

Corona virus · 3 hours ago there isa Second player to the NBA team Utah Jazz tested positive for
In the basketball team, Utah Jazz, and is in addition to Rudy Gobert is also a team-mate Donovan Was tested positive for the corona virus, report a wide range of American media right now. He is the second player in the national basketball association (NBA where the virus has been detected. The CONFERENCE is tentatively stopped.Corona virus · 3-minute walk fromthe Flemish cycling races go, may it
In the Flemish cycling races to continue in this month of may is on the calender. At this time, the Belgian cycling federation of the Belgian Cycling summit at the back of, inter alia, Ghent-Wevelgem and the E3, Ibm Classic, yet still be able to go. “Later today it is expected that the federal government’s contingency plan, which is going to take place,” says the Guy Vermeiren, the speaker of the Belgian Cycling at Very. “Depending on the content, we will be in a position to take it. Previously, is taking the Belgian Cycling is not an action.”Corona virus · 4 hrs ago –Leicester City takes the three players, as a matter of precaution, from the selection
When Leicester City are the three players provisionally selected for consideration because they may have been infected with the corona virus. For the players it’s going to, the club isn’t well-known. “We have had a couple of players who have symptoms and / or signs of the corona virus have shown”, says manager Brendan Rodgers. “We have the procedures in place and followed, and as a precaution they are kept out of the team”, was manager Brendan Rodgers on Thursday to know. “Of course it is voetbalperspectief a sin, but health is the most important aspect of the job.”Corona virus · 4 hours ago, the‘post and moved the CHAMPIONSHIPS to the 2021’
The post is going to be the european cup this year, with a year. According to L’équipe today announced the European champions next week in the tournament in 2021 will be held. Also, the Champions League and the Europa League will be suspended.Corona virus · 4 hours ago thePrime minister-League in Rotterdam is cancelled.
The Premier League of Darts, in Rotterdam, on 25 and 26 march and on. In all events, a minimum of one hundred members of the public in the Netherlands, up to 31 march had been canceled, and there are the speelrondes I may not be covered.Corona virus · 4 hours ago,ATP was forced to lay off next six weeks, all of the tournaments
The international tennis federation, ATP put a spanner in the works of all the events in the next six weeks. This means that, in addition to the Masters tournament in Miami is, after all, the events in Monte Carlo, Marrakech and Houston don’t have to continue.Corona virus · 4 hrs ago –of All the Premier league games this weekend were cancelled because of the corona virus
In all events, with over a hundred visitors or more, up to and including the 31st of march, was cancelled, and, therefore, it is the champion’s League matches are not on. Also, the fixtures in the Kitchen Champion of that Division, are to be suspended. The measure will apply in any case to the 31st of march. So does this mean that the original on march 22, therefore, does not come into effect. In addition to this, the oefeninterlands to the United States of america (26 march) and in Spain (on 29 march) is not on.Corona virus · 4 hours ago theMasters tournament in Miami is cancelled
The tennis in Miami has been cancelled due to the corona virus. The mayor of the American city; Carlos A. Jimenez, offers all the sporting events in the next few weeks, i.e. will be cancelled. The tournament would, of course, from 25 march to 5 april, will be played. Previously, it was announced that the Masters tournament in Indian Wells, has been cancelled.Corona virus · 5 hours ago there areNo sporting events in Flanders, up to the 31st of march
All of the Flemish sports events up to 31 march, are scheduled to be canceled, please notify the Belgian sportminister, Ben Weyts, at a press conference. This would mean that, among other things, the bicycle races Nokere Curonian, the Day of The Blackout, the E3-prijs Harelbeke and Gent-Wevelgem, has been cancelled.Corona virus · 5 hrs ago –UEFA organizes the summit league competitions and the european CHAMPIONSHIPS
The post is holding on Tuesday, march 17, for a summit on the effects of the corona virus, the national competitions and the european CHAMPIONSHIPS this summer. The European champions have a video conference with representatives of the national associations and the European tournaments as well.Corona virus · 5 hours geledenDe Tour of Flanders, which seems to be a danger to walk on. The company has decided to make all of the recreational events held in the run-up to the ‘Most Beautiful’ will be cancelled. The classic race is still scheduled for Sunday, april 5th. According to The Latest News, today in Flanders, arrange top-level talks on the issue.

We have decided to postpone all of our Platoon, recreational cycling events up to April 19, as well as @RondeVlaanderen conducted, until later this year. Concerning the pro events, we will await further advice from authorities, but we will of course drive any decision making responsibilities.

AvatarAuteurTomas Of The SpiegelMoment of plaatsen14:05 pm – 12 march, 2020Coronavirus · 5 hours geledenNaast the Rotterdam marathon (april 5), it is from Utrecht, the netherlands (april 19) will also be postponed, reports the organiser Golazo Sports. The organization of the marathon of Hamburg, scheduled for april 19, are looking also to find a new date.

🇳🇱 Of the organization, has just published – Thursday 12 march from 12.00 pm – decided to take to the Utrecht Marathon, which is scheduled on the 19th of april, to move to a date later in the year. For more information:

AvatarAuteurUtrecht MarathonMoment of plaatsen13:54 pm – march 12, 2020Coronavirus · 5 hours geledenDe FIRST is a statement about the corona virus, it says it’s for the autosportfederatie containing more or less nothing. Therefore, it is not yet clear whether the Australian Grand Prix to continue or not.

If someone is at the editorial, a pointless tip, is often responded to with ” we have to keep it in the holes. That’s a euphemism for, ” we can see quite far, or we have to do something with it, but waaschijnlijk not.” That’s what this is, also, a little bit. #F1 #AusGP

AvatarAuteurJoost NederpeltMoment of plaatsen14:03 – the 12th of march 2020Coronavirus · 5 hours agoDue to the outbreak of the corona virus has already in a lot of sporting events all over the globe were cancelled or postponed. A corona virus · 6 hours ago,Gaviria confirms to coronabesmetting
The Colombian rider Fernando Gaviria confirms on Instagram that the rumors are correct and he is, therefore, the corona virus has risen. A rider from the UAE, Team Emirates is two weeks in a hospital in Abu Dhabi. This is something that he is not yet out, even though he says in the video that he’s feeling pretty good.Video

AvatarAuteurfernandogaviriarendonMoment of plaatsen13:07 am – march 12, 2020Coronavirus · 6 hours ago,the Rotterdam Marathon is postponed to later in the year due to feline corona virus
The marathon, which, this year, on the 5th of april, would be held, was postponed to later this year due to the corona virus. The organization believes it is not responsible for the event, in these circumstances, to let it go. “It’s a huge disappointment for everyone who has delighted in, but to the health and safety of our runners, volunteers, spectators, and other participants at the organization is always a top priority.” It is considered to be a new date.Corona virus · 6 hours ago there isNo training camp for the Dutch athletes in the United States of america
The training camp of the Dutch athletes in the United States of america, and that in april they had planned, not because the united states is a temporary re-entry ban has been introduced, as reported in The Telegraph. The training was an important part of the preparation for the olympic season, but it’s Atletiekunie will, therefore, be an alternative to consider.Corona virus · 6 hours ago“is Also followed by other matches in Europa League
If we can MARCA are to be believed, it will be there tonight and not play football in the Europa League. The Spanish sports is reporting that all of the games today will be cancelled due to the corona virus. Seville, Roma and Internazionale-Barcelona had already been cancelled. In addition, it knows to use the newspaper in the uefa Champions League matches as of next week, will be delayed, and it is only a matter of the official recognition of the union.Corona virus · 6 hours of geledenDe of the Grand Prix of Australia, you will need to be cancelled due to the corona virus.

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Corona virus · 7 hours geledenDoor the return of the McLaren seems to be a case of cancellation of the first Grand Prix of the year in real terms.

Brawn said a few weeks ago, that now in use would be if all the teams were able to come out.
So, if we get a race that does not count for the championship, but it is more likely that the GP will go ahead. #F1

AvatarAuteurPatrick MoekeMoment of plaatsen12:35 – march 12, 2020Coronavirus · 7 hrs ago –the Real Madrid players are in quarantine following a positive test of a basketball player
The football players and basketball players of Real Madrid were on Thursday quarantined, as a basketball player, the Spanish club is positive, it is tested for the corona virus. Real Madrid to sign a statement that the training complex in Valdebebas is completely closed, and that all of the employees who are working at the quarantine must be. The voetbalselectie of the ‘Royal’ should be on Thursday at 11.00 am to train, but it was after the news of the positive test and immediately sent home. The football players and basketball players share a lot of the facilities at the Real Madrid Sports City.Corona virus · 7 hours ago

All of the four Haas team members were tested negative. #F1

AvatarAuteurJoost NederpeltMoment of plaatsen12:28 – march 12, 2020Coronavirus · 7 hours geledenDe statement by McLaren:

McLaren Racing withdraws from the 2020 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

AvatarAuteurMcLarenMoment of plaatsen12:22 – march 12, 2020Coronavirus · 7 hours ago

McLaren will withdraw from the Australian GP after a positive test for a team member. #F1

AvatarAuteurJoost NederpeltMoment of plaatsen12:26 – march 12, 2020Coronavirus · 7 hours ago theMcLaren has come back for the GP of Australia, due to coronabesmetting
The team of McLaren has come back for the Grand Prix of Australia, as reported in the renstal announced in a press release. The cause of the infection from the corona virus to be a member of the team. “We have to make this decision not only for our employees and partners, but also for all the other teams, fans, and other interested parties.” The team of McLaren and most of the time in isolation, and is under the supervision of the local health department. The renstal didn’t think it was justified to take part in the first Grand Prix weekend of the season. Four members of the Hare had symptoms that could indicate that the COVID-19 is a virus, but they tested all of them negative, in Melbourne, australia.Corona virus · 7 hrs ago –the Spanish football federation set two speelrondes due to feline corona virus
The matches of the Spanish league in the next two weeks, were cancelled in connection with the corona virus, please notify the association, in a press release. The decision is a direct result of a coronabesmetting to be a player in the basketbalafdeling (Real Madrid). The selection of both the basketball, as the team is in quarantine, placed. The suspension will be for the next two days. Previously, it was announced that the games in La Liga to provisionally without an audience to play.Corona virus · 7 hrs ago –the Dutch ijshockeycompetities immediately at the end of the
The Dutch ijshockeybond has decided to make all of the men’s and youth competitions directly with the end in connection with the corona virus, as reported in the press release. That means, among other things, that the finaleserie in the First Division between Amsterdam and Eindhoven has been cancelled. The Beneliga is broken, it is not yet known, because the competition is not amongst ice Hockey and the Netherlands. The games in the German Oberliga, in which the Tilburg Trappers out, had already been cancelled.Corona virus · 8 hours agoWith the corona virus-infected Rugani: “It’s fine with me
The player Daniele Rugani, who is the feline corona virus has been identified, says on Instagram that we don’t have to worry about him having to do it with him. “I would like all of the doctors and nurses have their hands full with this situation, thanks. I would like anyone to point out the rules to follow, because the virus makes no exception. Let’s do it for ourselves and for those we love.”

Avrete letto la notizia e per questo ci tengo a tranquillizzare tutti coloro che si stanno preoccupando as per me, sto bene.
In questo momento però sento ancora di più il dovere di ringraziare tutti i medici e gli infermieri, che stanno lottando negli ospedali per fronteggiare questa emergenza.
Invito tutti a rispettare le regole, our organization this virus is a non fa distinzioni! Facciamolo, per noi stessi, for each i nostril cari e per chi ci circonda. #thanks

AvatarAuteurdanirugaMoment of plaatsen01:26 – march 12, 2020Coronavirus · 8 hours agothe Latest world cup skiing canceled
In the last world cup of the season this weekend, in Slovenia’s Kranjska Gora was to be held, does not take place due to the corona virus. This means that the gold in the points race will automatically go to the Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde is. He’s Marcel Hirscher to win. It has already been announced that the final ladies tournament of the season, as the Swedish Are to be cancelled.Corona virus · 8 hours ago theBelgian football competition during the coming week, behind closed doors,
In the last round of the regular season in the country this weekend, people played in the Belgian bond is known for. The cup final between Club Brugge and royal Antwerp, who had planned on the 22nd of march, and will have to be postponed. Also, the amateur will be shut down.Corona virus · 8 hours agoa Danish soccer ball in two weeks to shut down
The Danish football federation, the matches for the next two weeks, is deleted. The decision follows after the Danish prime minister Matt Frederiksen, yesterday said that all public events should be narrowed, or even cancelled. The decision applies to both the professional as the amateur. The national football team of the Danish national team is also likely to be deleted, and there is a bond in a conversation with the post.Corona virus · 9 hrs ago,He wants to be and that the ATP tournament will be cancelled.
Novak Djokovic believes the ATP tournament in the coming weeks, you will need to delete it, ” he tells the province newspaper, Republika. According to him, it is the desire of several players on the Tour. “I have to agree with most of the other characters, though I can see why there are players who want it to continue. This situation is only true for the whole world, and I think that the players of Miami are not to be taken in these circumstances. My advice to europeans is to get out within 48 hours of returning to Europe. I am now in Los Angeles, as well as will go most likely back.”Corona virus · 9 hours ago there areAlso a number of international basketbalbond no matches
Following In the footsteps of the U.s., the NBA has also created the international basketbalbond (FIBA) of all the scheduled races cancelled due to the corona virus. To games also include competitions, a few international club competitions. “We look at each day and of the competitions may continue,” according to the association, in a press release.Back to top

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