Also STEP and Trimbos critical about alcoholgedrag in Oh, Oh here We Go Again

Also STEP and Trimbos critical about alcoholgedrag in Oh, Oh here We Go Again

Photo: RTL

Also research institutes STEP and Trimbos worry about the use of alcohol in Oh, Oh here We Go Again. The alcoholbranche protested previously against the RTL program.

Wednesday suggested association STIVA, founded by the alcoholbranche, Oh, Oh here We Go Again must stop. RTL would be drinking by young people encourage. In the scripted-reailtyprogramma eight Hague young people on feestvakantie to Mallorca.

“Of course there are more programs about jongerenvakanties”, light STIVA director Peter de Wolf to “But this is different. The creators will pay the travel and convert a fridge full of booze for them to get ready. The voice-over talks about the ‘even whiter beaches and larger males’, as if that is something good.”


Alcoholinstituut STEP shows itself, if prompted, also opposed to Oh, Oh here We Go Again. “This is unacceptable behavior, and that has a negative influence on young people’, said a spokesman.

However, criticises STEP the ‘hypocrisy’ of STIVA, a association that speaks on behalf of the alcoholbranche. “Brands such as Heineken bombard young people with advertising through social media and convert them continually to alcohol use. STIVA has no wrong, but a little bit of butter on the head. People want the image of the industry improve.”

Heineken and other brands of alcohol told rather not be around the program to want to advertise.

Drinking culture

The Trimbos institute close to the row of critics. “We know from research that those who were exposed to images of drinking people also drink more,” says Ninette van Hasselt, project manager, young people and risky behaviour.

“Programs like Oh, Oh here We Go Again let the standard see that a lot of drinking goes with, and funny. To say what effect that has, more research is needed. It contributes in any case not contribute to the combat of probleemdrinken,” says Van Hasselt.

The Wolf adds that it plays a major role to peers. “Research shows that young people tend to have just as much to drink as their peers.”

STIVA and Trimbos say that it is actually quite good with the reduction of alcohol consumption by young people. Of Hasselt: “Young people start later. But if they drink, they drink a lot. There is a mandatory drinking culture which is not easy to extract. Young people develop sometimes very strategies to pass unnoticed beers and throw it away.”


RTL has at STIVA said the worry about Oh, Oh here We Go Again, to understand and goes into Tuesday with the association in conversation. In 2013, said the broadcaster about precursor: Oh Oh Cherso have that drink now once belong to and the makers the only view.

That is WHEN this time is not tenable. “The creators have influence, the young people get paid for their first step evening,” said director of The Wolf. He says that censorship is not the goal, only to think about the responsibility.”

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