Also, in Germany, in protest, thousands of farmers are against it on environmental policy

Tuesday will be even throughout the country, farmers in the street, it was going to be the face of new environmental policies. In Bonn, germany, where a large protest is taking place, according to the police, two thousand of tractors to arrive.

The trekkers left for Monday night and Tuesday morning, in large groups, in the direction of the city. According to local media, this “massive” delays in the way of guidance.

The police called upon the farmers to calamiteitenroutes them, because they were blocked by tractors.

Six thousand peasants who gathered this afternoon at the ministry of Agriculture (which, incidentally, isn’t on the tractor, it came out). The organization had been around for thousands of farmers are expected. In the meantime, the first farmers, left, reports to the police on Demand.

Also in other German cities such as Hanover, Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart and Freiburg, and his demonstrations were organised.

The German farmers ‘ demonsteren in Bonn to a new environment. (Photo: Reuters)

The German farmers are protesting against the Agrarpaket

In some ways it is the peasant protest in Germany, similar to the protests in the Netherlands. Thus, the German peasants that they are the political bogeyman to be seen, according to Tagesschau.

Mainly the protest of the German peasants, however, the Agrarpaket, the new agri-environmental measures of the federal government. It says that the use of the weed killer, glyphosate will need to be reduced, to insects, to protect them.

In addition, there should be increased funding for the environment and climate change, and dierenwelzijnslabel to come. The emission of nitrogen, the Germans had no part in this.

The initiators of the project say that they do not to keep up with it. In addition, they are family-run businesses in the market.


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