Almost six million residents in Florida need to leave home because Irma

Almost six million residents in Florida need to leave home because Irma

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Florida has 5.6 million inhabitants called their house to leave due to the arrival of the hurricane Irma. This is more than a quarter of the total population. This is particularly important for residents in and around the county of Miami-Dade, where Irma lands.

In addition, the call for people in poorly built houses to live in. It comes to the largest evacuation in the history of the region, said mayor Carlos Giménez of Miami-Dade.

“If you’re in the Keys live, go now. Do not risk your own life or the lives of your loved ones”, warns governor Rick Scott on Twitter.

The American authorities have numerous noodopvangplaatsen opened. Also they provide free bus transportation to the centers. The airport of the city is still open, but many flights are cancelled.

In Florida prepare citizens for the worst, and millions of people are moving away. It is expected that the damage can be up to 135 billion or even 200 billion dollars.

If you are in the Keys, I am urging you to leave right now. Do not risk your life or the lives of your loved ones – get out now.


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01:52 – 09 september 2017


Hurricane Irma seemed Friday night in order to weaken, but it is Saturday morning again become a hurricane of the fifth category. This happened just before they landed in Cuba.

According to the U.s. National Hurricane Center Irma Sunday morning (local time) in the United States, where the cyclone for more damage.

Irma moved along the north coast of Cuba and came to the province of Ciego de Ávila on land, after all a trail of destruction was left behind in the Caribbean. Meteorologists think the storm will go further towards the west and the north toward the Bahamas and Florida.

Irma is considered to be one of the worst storms this century, over the Atlantic Ocean came into being and seems to have little strength in fines. Wind speeds of up to 280 kilometres per hour are still observed.

Extreme wind

Edgar Westerhof of the North American branch of the consulting and engineering firm Arcadis fear great nuisance in the city. That, according to the expert would be affected by a combination of extreme rainfall, high waves and extremely strong winds. “That is a cocktail you don’t want to.”

“Miami is above sea level, so there will not be a situation arise when in New Orleans. As the water flows, it flows away,” he says. Yet, it may be, for example, the electricity and telecommunication failure in the economically important city, warns Westerhof.


Long queues for gas stations Florida by approaching hurricane Irma

Porous surface

Flooding in Miami not a new problem. The city is facing, according to the expert with a porous surface. “It’s a sponge. With a high water table, bubbling the water up in the streets,” he says. That issue is locally, usually with pumps to body gone.

According to Westerhof should in the U.S. still significant steps to be taken in the field of water management. “They are very good at ’emergency response’, but it’s often the mustard after the meal”, he says. “Proactive planning is a different branch of sports.”


Tour operator TUI tries to Dutch travellers who are currently in the Miami Beach area to Orlando to evacuate. Long traffic jams and lack of fuel hamper this evacuation, let TUI know.

Also, it is difficult their location to determine, says Petra Cook from TUI. “A lot of people travel on your own with a rental car by Florida and are still on the road, or somewhere stranded.”

TUI and a subsidiary of Kras inform guests via sms. There are about 500 TUI passengers in Florida. It is not known how many of them in Miami Beach sit.


So is hurricane Irma may Florida within

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