Almost one in five children has reduced hearing

Almost one in five children has reduced hearing

Approximately 17.5 percent of children between nine and eleven years of struggling with a hearing, even before the age comes that they have to deal with loud music at festivals and in nightclubs.

That made the Erasmus MC Friday known in a scientific publication in JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery, a baseline to the question of how often hearing loss occurs in more than five thousand young children without any complaints.

Researcher Carlijn le Clercq calls the results “alarming large”, even though most children to small degrees of hearing loss where they didn’t have so much of brands. According to her, is a lot of talk about hearing loss and the harmful consequences of loud music, but the lack of measurements.


When a part of the children, it pertains to temporary hearing loss, usually caused by colds or ear infections. An estimated 8 percent, however, permanent hearing loss (at least 15dB). That can lead to a hindrance in the development or impaired school performance.

The research shows a clear relationship between the experience of a lot of ear infections at a young age and getting permanent hearing damage.

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