Almost ninety dead during politiestaking in part Brazil

Almost ninety dead during politiestaking in part Brazil

During a strike by police in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo, after nearly five days of 87 people by violence to the life.

Most of the victims fell in the capital Vitória, reported to authorities Wednesday. Holy spirit Santo on the southeast coast is slightly larger than our country and has around four million inhabitants.

By the wave of crime that the politiestaking has unleashed, keep the schools close their doors and public transportation is shut down. Also remain a number of banks and shops closed. The policemen demand higher wages. Consultation on the termination of the strike has Tuesday night yielded nothing, reported in Brazilian media.

Like the adjoining state of Rio de Janeiro is struggling Espírito Santo with huge financial problems due to the ongoing recession. The state is forced to make drastic cuts. The state is the largest oil exporter of all Brazilian states, but suffers under the decline of oil prices.

The government has in the past weekend, when the wave of raids, plunderings and murders, of two hundred soldiers to Vitória sent to restore order.

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