Almost half of pre-packaged lettuce is thrown away

You have food waste and food wastage food wastage. Sla is obviously in the latter category. But, as much as 40 percent of the pre-packaged lettuce ends up in the garbage bin.

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Supermarkets sell always save more in plasticverpakking. Useful, because then you don’t have to go all the more to clean. Only, we eat salad often. But, as much as 40 percent of those pre-packaged lettuce do we just get the trash in.

The Uk organisation Wrap, which sustainable waste management is to promote, did research, and every year the to throw the British 37,000 tonnes pre-packaged turn away. That is about 178 million bags of lettuce that will not be eaten, 40 percent of the pre-packaged lettuce which the British buy. This is turn one of the most wasted food products.

Resealable bags

The figures were announced by Tesco. The largest British supermarket chain did additional research and found that its customers pre-packaged lettuce often buy it without a specific meal in mind. In the best case, they will eat there one time. The rest of the package is easily forgotten in the fridge and in the plasticverpakking, the leaves quickly spoil.

For less save wasting:

  • Voorgewassen and pre-packaged salad, but a few days good. The simplest tip is: do not buy it if you are for the next two days, other dishes have in your head.
  • You still would not know if your save will eat, but you would always have some in the house have for the case? Choose a fresh head of lettuce, which is much longer.
  • Or book a flowerpot on your patio or window sill for & coffee of my own breeding! You do not need the whole head at the same time to harvest, but harvest only the leaves that you need. Against the next time that you want to save, there are again grown.
  • Eat at every meal a little chlorophyll. So hit that bag yet in no time, and you get extra vitamins. A win-win-situation voice.

Tesco wants the slaberg now reduce with resealable bags for the turn of its house brand. The plastic of the pouches is thicker, which makes the salad fresh for longer stays, says the supermarket chain.

1.4 million bananas per day

The 60 million Britons throw out every year approximately 4 million tonnes of food and drink away that could be eaten or drunk. So end up each day, 1.4 million bananas in the garbage because they have a soft spot or brown spots show, made Wrap this month. (IPS)

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