Almost half groenteconserven contains added sugars

Research by foodwatch shows that almost half (46%) of the vegetables in a pot or tin of sugar is added. “Even vegetable – the epitome of sound – is so by the food industry with sugar corrupted”, it sounds.

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The Dutch voedselwaakhond foodwatch examined the range groenteconserven of the biggest 4 supermarkets in their own country (Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Lidl and Aldi) and it was shown that at 79 of the 170 cans and jars of vegetables (46%) sugars were added. Also organic vegetables gushed the sweet dance.

There were other sugars found in canned goods and jars of peas, carrots, corn, red cabbage, beets, asparagus and brussels sprouts, with red cabbage on the first place. That contained – added and natural sugars together – up to 10 grams of sugars per 100 grams of vegetables. Important to know is that, foodwatch no preparations in the study was recorded.

Integrated approach is missing

“The fact that the food industry everywhere sugars to add, consumers have many sugars inside, and a one-sided taste preference for sweet. The food industry makes the profit to which the public and the healthcare system pay the price. It is high time that the government, the food industry responded to finally deal with it.”

Foodwatch decries the lack of vision in regards to the food industry. The organization states that the Dutch government, however, arrangements have been made with the companies to the salt, fat and suikergehaltes in their products to reduce, but which be as little ambitious considering. “The lack of an integrated approach of both salt, sugar and fat in product groups is a lot of coming back kritiekpunt of the Scientific Advisory committee. Because of fat, sugar and salt by the food industry as interchangeable seasonings to be seen, it is to be feared that a reduction of one ingredient will lead to an increase of the other. The net health effect will then be virtually nil.”

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