Almost 1,100 arrests at a political protest in a Moscow

Russian police on Saturday almost 1,100 arrests have been made at a demonstration in Moscow, said in a monitoringgroep. Opposition leader Alexei Navalny called for protests after the people had been excluded from the elections. The protest was forbidden by the authorities.

The number of people, 1074, was followed by the Moscow police. Among the arrested activists have been a number of well-known activists and oppositiepolitici.

According to the police at the demonstration on Saturday, about 3,500 demonstrators, was present. The organisation’s speak of more than 15,000 people.

After the wave of arrests, which refused the protesters a short period of time is one of the most important ring roads of the Russian capital. The riot brought an end to the blockade.

A number of oppositiegezinde politicians have signed up to the elections of the 8th of september, but the authorities are not allowed to participate. These politicians don’t have enough signatures are gathered, it could be an explanation.

The protest was held at the official residence of the mayor, Sergey Sobyanin. He warned on social media that the authorities will be hard for it to take action in order to the public order be maintained, because there is no permission for the protest had been made. However, thousands of people showed up.


More than a thousand people have been arrested during a large demonstration in Moscow

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According to the Russian law, the authorities must agree on the location and the timing of such actions. Navalny, who on Wednesday was convicted, is a jail for thirty days.

Last weekend, in Moscow, even if a protest is made against the exclusion of a group of politicians in the last election. There were then twenty thousand people campaigned.


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